Cystic Body Acne

June 07, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Something that affects millions, either from severely or to the point where the person doesn’t even notice, is cystic body acne. I haven’t seen many videos or articles written on body acne. The most I’ve seen on body acne has been one of those made up acne charts that say, for example, you’re breaking out on your chin because your kidneys are failing. There is either little to no information, or completely false information on what causes body acne, how to fix it, and why it even happens in the first place.

Although cystic body acne does not occur as frequently as facial acne, it still happens and it’s not always the best. Personally, myself I have had acne on my chest starting around the same time I had gotten my first pimple. It doesn’t hurt as it is mostly just super annoying as it keeps me from wearing bathing suits due to the fact that people will ask me why I have bumps and tiny, tiny blackheads on my chest. It has cleared up in the recent years as I’ve stopped feeling extremely insecure about myself and have started wearing looser, breathable clothing.

Cystic body acne can occur mainly anywhere on the body but it is most commonly found on the chest, back, shoulders, and butt. These areas are the most concealed and tightly wrapped areas on the body. Since the skin is most likely not able to breathe as easily say as, the neck, or hands, the sweat, oil, and dead skin cells are trapped and left stuck on the areas that may be suffering from body acne. Acne on the body can also be caused by an allergic reaction to a product. If you have back acne it could be possibly caused by your shampoo and conditioner, or even just your hair itself. Just like your hairline, the pores on your back can be clogged from your hair products of the oil that your hair is creating. When I had very, very long hair I had breakouts all over my back, from my shoulder blades to my hips. Once I cut my hair the breakouts stopped occurring all over and only occurred in a small region.

I recommend taking an Epsom salt bath two to three times a week. (Or longer if your acne is worse). Epsom salt can help exfoliate and soften the skin, allowing the clogged pores to open and get rid of the gunk.

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