Different Diet, Different Skin Result

March 14, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Maryam

There I was, 15 years old, and puberty was hitting me hard. Not only was my skin looking horrible, but to my horror, I found that my waistline was expanding too. I have nothing against growing up and into clothing, but for some reason the combination of horrible skin and a thickening waistline made me think that what was happening to me was unnatural and unhealthy. I took a look at the cupboards of food around me and found that I was eating a lot more processed meats and carbs than I should. Kraft Dinner and instant noodles were a staple. I took measures then and there to curtail my eating habits in the hopes that my skin would benefit. 

My transition to vegetarianism was easy because I had a roommate at the time who was vegan. I followed her lead and starting incorporating all kinds of veggies into my diet. After about a week of this, I found that all animal oils tasted heavy on my palette, so I made the extreme transition into veganism. Not recommended after only a week of vegetarianism.

I started eating salad after salad. All the incoming fiber and roughage was a lot for my system to deal with, all at once. So I would go for a bicycle ride after dinner and try to reach the top of the steep hills in my neighborhood. This helped my digestion process quite a bit.

After about three months of this, I noticed a huge difference. My hair got softer, my eye color deepened, my waistline was back to normal. Most of all my skin benefited! My pimples reduced, and the ones I still had were bad but my overall skin texture softened so that my whole face benefitted and brightened. Perhaps the biggest difference of all was the change in my energy levels. I had energy through the roof and was expending it all bicycling. I loved veganism and I stayed that way for four years.

Flash forward; I’m not vegan anymore. I’m not even vegetarian, but if it weren’t for those four years, I’m sure that my skin would be in a far worse state right now. However, there are benefits to both meat and vegetables; my skin hasn’t fared the worse for my transition. I notice a difference especially when I make homemade bone broth. The collagen aids both my digestion and my skin, thickening my epidermis and giving me a glow. However, I learned that personally, it’s mainly hormones that affect my skin. I wonder if it’s all that homo milk I drank as a kid. There’s no way for sure to be certain. 

While diet is a huge factor for overall health, including your skin, my clear skin has derived mainly from birth control pills to control my hormones. I’ve come a long way with my diet, trying everything, but that just goes to show you it may not always just boil down to what you eat.

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