Types of Masks I can't Live Without

December 28, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Sara

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of homemade masks, simply because I find that they do not work for me or my hyperpigmented acne marks. While I still am a strong advocate for natural products, I just find that the extra vitamins and ingredients in store bought masks just work better for me. Here are just a few different styles of masks I use.

Cucumber Peel

Essentially this one claims to be a restoring and pore purifying face peel. I leave mine on for 10 minutes until it dries and then gently peel it off (very satisfying). Cucumber not only soothes the skin but the peel itself feels as though it soaks into the skin so when you peel it off, all the dirt and clogged up pores become clean. After using this, my pores feel tightened and my skin honestly feels so much smoother. Just a word of caution, if you have any peach fuzz near your hairline, just be sure to avoid using any peel too closely to the hair otherwise it will be very painful to take off.


My favorite part of this mask is definitely the peppermint. It smells amazing and I can feel the cooling effect almost immediately on my skin. I’m one of those people who loves when you can actually feel the mask working on your skin so when I found this mask that actually cools and soothes my face, I was overjoyed. I usually only use this product when I am suffering from a really bad breakout because I find that it works most effectively on calming fresh acne marks.


Most products I have used containing this ingredient are fine for sensitive skin and they leave your skin feeling super refreshed and clean. If you have an oily t-zone, which I find I have sometimes, then charcoal masks are great for balancing the oil. My skin always feels super refreshed and smooth with that super clean and hydrated feel that you get after using a really deep cleaning product. Overall I find charcoal is just great for drawing out impurities so when I discovered the charcoal mask, you can imagine I was very excited.


Finally, this is probably my most prized mask. Most clay masks come with certain variants like ‘deep sea clay mask’, or the one I’m using now which is clay infused with super greens. Clay is a very popular type of mask and I have very wistfully spent many hours online just wishing I could afford some of the higher end products which people claim for wonders for your skin. However, even on a low budget, I have found that clay masks are probably the most effective in calming hyperpigmentation marks and giving your skin an overall more even tone effect.