DIY Face Masks at Home

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Recently, I have been researching DIY face masks to find the perfect recipe for several at- home face masks that improve the skin. After some trials and tribulations, I have finally finalized several recipes that I will be sharing with you all today. I have started this project/research for my school’s personal project- a project that one conducts to show what they are passionate about. I am genuinely passionate about skincare, and therefore, did my project on bettering the skin. Here are the recipes and the masks’ corresponding benefits.

(Recipes are for one person)

Mask #1- Coffee Mask


5 drops of any facial oil (I personally like the tarte maracuja oil- so moisturizing and tightening!)

1 tsp of coffee grounds


Put the ingredients in a large bowl and blend together with fingers. Slightly wet your face and spread the mix all over it. Wait around 10-15 minutes to wash your face and then proceed with the rest of your skincare routine. 

Benefits: This mask is like an exfoliator and makes your face feel baby soft! All the debris and dirt that was sitting on your face will be gone down the drain. 


Mask #2: Banana/Honey Mask


½ a banana, 1 tsp of honey, a squeeze of lemon


Put the ingredients together in a big bowl and mash with a kitchen tool or fingers. Fingers work just as fine! Apply to face, but use sparingly around eye and mouth area. Remove with cold water after around 10 minutes. 

Benefits: Your face will feel smooth and acne scars will lighten. This mask is great for anyone that is suffering from acne scars and needs them to lighten.


Mask #3: Oatmeal/ Greek Yogurt Mask


1 tsp of yogurt

2 tsp of oatmeal

1 egg white (leave in liquid form, only take out the white)


Mix the ingredients until it looks pasty. Apply all over the face. Remove after 10-15 minutes


The oatmeal mask is hypoallergenic and is great for people with sensitive skin. It does not trigger breakouts for anyone! The mask is also incredibly hydrating and tightening. It almost feels like a 15 minute face lift. Anti- acne and anti- aging benefits put together is something of a dream.


These three masks have helped my skin get clearer and more moisturized. I would definitely recommend everyone to try these easy and affordable DIY masks, right at home!

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