Don’t ignore the Body Product aisle at Ross

January 16, 2017 0 Comments

By: Diana V.

I always like to look at the body products at Ross because you find high-end products at reduced prices. One of the best purchases I’ve made on this aisle was Olivella’s Face and Body Soap. My mother always wants to buy natural products for her skin and I always buy products for us to try out and after my first week using Olivella’s 100% Virgin Olive Oil face and body soap, I saw a huge difference in my complexion. 

The olive oil in the soap allows your skin to be cleaned and still leaves the skin feeling soft after drying your face with a towel. I started noticing that my pimples were disappearing and getting smaller in size after using this product for two weeks. The redness from my pimples was going down and my skin tone was also improving. Since the soap is for both your face and body I noticed that my skin was left feeling moisturized even before applying lotion or face moisturizer. 

If I were not planning on leaving the house that day then I wouldn’t apply sunscreen or moisturizer because the olive oil in the soap worked as a natural moisturizer. The product packaging says that the soap contains “Natural Anti-Aging Properties & Antioxidants” and the antioxidants in the soap really do their job in your body and shows in your skin. The soap really helped with my skin’s complexion and helped make it easier to apply makeup on my skin in the morning. 

I’m going on about 5 years of using this product and since my skin gets tired of products, this is one of the products I interchange while my skin gets adjusted to a new face product. Due to the natural properties of this soap, there are no harsh chemicals that are being put on your face, instead, you are using a product that helps nourish and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Plus it’s never too early to start taking care of the fine lines on your skin. 

The soap’s anti-aging properties help improve your face’s elasticity and keep your face feeling smooth and moisturized all day long. I continue to use this amazing great find from Ross’s body products aisle and I’ve recommended this product to all my friends. There are no complains from my part regarding this product. Overall, this purchase was not one that I regretted and I am fully stocked with this soap for the next two years.