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Exercise and Good Skin Care Regimen

February 15, 2017

By: Jyotti

By early August, I had done a lot of research and decided it was time to change my lifestyle. This meant clean eating, good water intake, exercise, and yoga. I had created a daily schedule which consisted of an early morning run, healthy breakfast, spending time with my family, healthy lunch, reading a book, healthy dinner, and skin care. I kept my schedule the same, in regards to the time I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The activities I did during the day would change but I always went on my morning run or did morning yoga. From the YouTube videos I watched, I realized it is best to keep your skin care routine simple. I began to follow the three-step skin care which is cleanse, tone and moisturize. I made sure that I followed these three steps every night. 

Another thing I always did was make sure I drank 8 glasses of water a day. I tried to drink a glass every hour or so. By November, I had begun to see a huge difference in my skin, it was finally beginning to clear up.  I could not believe that by simply changing my lifestyle I would be able to clear my skin. Fast forward to June 2016, I had cleared my skin significantly, however, the acne I had left behind are now acne scars. 

I didn’t think there could be anything worse than having to deal with acne. I was so wrong; acne scars are 10 times worse than having to deal with acne. Acne scars are so difficult to cover especially if they are super pigmented like mine are. I know I had popped my pimples a few times but I had no idea that it would leave behind these nasty scars and make my face look even worse. Both sides of my face had dark spots on it. They were very pigmented and very hard for me to cover. 

I was left very upset and wondering what I should do. I went out and tried everything again, oils, mask, gels you name it I tried it. But nothing has worked and I still have horrible acne scars till this day. 

My friend had recommended that I try the Banish Kit. I was willing to give it a try however, I noticed that it is $99 Canadian dollars.  I don’t work at the moment and am saving so I can pay off my student loans. Any money that my parents give me I put in my saving account so I can save it up to pay off my loan later. My sister just got married recently and my parents spent a lot of money on her wedding, so they are not willing to give me the money either. My friend has beautiful skin and swears by the Banish Kit which is the reason I really want it. 

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