Flawless Skin Care Tips

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Beautiful and perfect skin is the most wanted thing for girls. To achieve this they spend a lot in different products which claim to give flawless skin in a month sometimes they get the results but they are not long lasting and later on again you are left with the same problem or even sometimes it further damages your skin because of harsh chemicals so better to try something natural which makes your skin perfect from inside and give long lasting effects as well. Here I will share some flawless skin care tips which I personally recommend as they have worked effectively based on my experience.

1.Fuller's earth:

This is something which I love to use.It removes acne, makes the surface even and fades acne scars but you can get these effects by continuous use and even one can get rid of atrophic scars as well if you add few drops of rose water as well.Just soak a little piece of it and add few drops of rose water then apply this mask to your face and leave it for 5 minutes then wash it.It will make your skin youthful look instantaneously.

2.Aloe Vera :

It also does wonders to your skin as it has natural healing properties and it is used for mild skin burning as well due to its excellent healing power.If your skin is damaged due to sunlight then this is perfect in this regard as well. It's good for both acne and acne scars.It has a rich supply of glycoproteins, magnesium lactate and bradykinase which all increase its effectiveness and give hydration to the skin and its antibacterial properties help to get rid of acne as well.


Take some mint leaves and boil them and let this water cool down.Drinking this will do wonders to your skin, it clears and brightens your skin as it purifies blood and prevents acne as well.

4.Turmeric powder:

It is the perfect ingredient for fading acne scars and makes them heal faster.It also has antiseptic properties so it is good for acne as well especially if you use honey along with turmeric powder and leave it overnight or just apply for 20 minutes it will remove your acne.It enhances your skin complexion, reduces the appearance of fine lines, reduces the signs of aging, increases the tone of skin, unclogs pores by flushing out toxins and improve blood circulation if you massage it and also soothe your skin.


This is a great gift of nature which is loaded with vitamins minerals proteins antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.Wash your face with water and apply honey on wet face.Massage it in a circular motion and then leave for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water.It hydrates your skin as it acts as humectant i.e. it draws moisture from the air and gives it to the skin in the layers where moisture is needed.

These are some ingredients which I recommend you should use as part of your flawless skin care and they will make you look beautiful and feel beautiful.

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