Get Rid of Breakouts on a Budget


Okay, I’ll admit it.  Acne sucks.   Most of the people that are reading this article right now may have experienced breakouts that are frustrating and extremely difficult to get rid of.  The other annoying part?  Acne medication and over- the- counter products usually come with a high price tag.  For a student like me, this cost may be a big burden. That is why I am writing today, about getting rid of annoying breakouts without spending a ton of money. 


Consider your diet

I used to be the type of girl that ate whatever I wanted, and thanks to my fast metabolism, never gained any weight.  However, there was one big issue; my skin started to break out in itty bitty blackheads all over my T-zone and around my jaw.  Devastated, I saw an esthetician who told me that these breakouts were correlated to my diet.  I found out that I was dairy, gluten, and lactose intolerant- all which were ingredients that I had been consuming every single day.  Diet plays a tremendous role in skin health and, who knows, maybe you are allergic to something that may be triggering your breakouts.  Try to decrease intake in unhealthy foods and dairy.  Decreasing dairy consummation generally decreases triggering acne breakouts for the large consensus.  Your skin will thank you for it!


Drink Water

Increased intake of water will clear up your skin and will even make it smoother and more hydrated.  There is no such a thing as drinking too much water.  The more water intake, the better it is for your skin.  Drinking lemon water, especially hot lemon water, will help flush out and purify the body internally, potentially reducing toxins and bacteria in the small intestine where acne can be formed. 



You should not be exfoliating vigorously over already-existing blemishes, but adding a gentle exfoliator every other day will keep off surface dead skin cells and make all your other products work more effectively.  The exfoliator I use contains papaya extract, a gentle ingredient that exfoliates skin.  Papaya extract has a similar effect to skin as a fish pedicure would on the feet- gentle but effective.



Go to Bed Early

Stress and sleeping late can exacerbate acne flare- ups because the adrenal gland goes into overproduction of cortisol, which will produce more oil on the skin.  You can reduce stress by getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  Always wash your face and moisturize before going to bed and make sure your bed sheets and pillow cases are generally clean.  Sleeping with not only your makeup on, but also the addition of oil, dirt, and debris that has built up on the skin during the day, will most certainly trigger new blemishes.  Remove your makeup before bed!

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