Getting Started on Skincare

February 21, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Puja

While many of my friends are just as dedicated to their skincare regimen as I am about my own, I do have those odd friends who neither cleanse nor moisturize and miraculously seem to have clear skin. Recently, one of my roommates, who happens to fall into the latter category, started to become more interested in building her own skincare routine. Usually, the only thing she will do in the morning is brushing her teeth, splash her face with cold water and head out the door.

“Why do you need all those steps?” she asked. The point is not to have a lot of steps and a lot of products, but it is to find what works for you in the long run. It’s a process of finding affordable products that will do what you want them to do for your skin. I’d say that first, figure out what your skin is like and set a goal for your skincare. What do you want to ultimately achieve? Maybe you want to target your active acne and get it under control, maybe you have acne scars left behind from years of fighting with acne, maybe you have aging skin, or maybe you don’t have acne but your skin is dull and dehydrated.

My roommate’s skin is normal and not acne-prone, but her skin is uneven, dull, and dry. In her case, she was constantly stripping her skin without putting anything back. In the long run, she may develop fine lines and spots from exposure to the sun. When creating your own skincare routine, you want to start slowly without introducing everything at once. Don’t buy full sized products without trying a sample first. There’s no point in spending all of your money only to end up broke and disappointed. Remember to look out for sales and order products from reputable sellers in order to ensure the quality of your items.

Some of the basics you may want to consider include finding a cleanser that will clean but not strip your skin of all of its moisture. Get something to exfoliate with and bring clean skin to the surface. Find a cream or gel to moisturize your face and reduce the signs of aging. Also, remember to buy some sunscreen to help prevent wrinkles and spots caused by sun damage. 

Sometimes, a routine that is long and complex becomes boring and the amount of money spent on skincare continues to drain your bank account, but my skincare is one of the things in my life that I am very dedicated to. And since I splurge on skincare, I’m a lot less likely to splurge on other useless things.

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