Going Organic For Sensitive Acne Skin

June 23, 2017 0 Comments

There are many unseen benefits to going organic for sensitive acne skin. When I was young and had my first experience with acne I had either used harsh chemicals that I found at the drug store or used whatever my mom had in her medicine cabinet. In the end, if I had known that I shouldn’t be burning and drying out my skin day and night, I most likely could have prevented lots of my acne and my scars. Remember, if you can’t pronounce what is on the bottle, then you probably shouldn’t use it.

Whether you have sensitive acne skin or not, if you suffer from any type of skin issue it is always best to stick to products directed towards sensitive skin unless told otherwise by your dermatologist. Using sensitive skin products obviously, prevents your skin from gaining any new damage and can ultimately soften your skin. I don’t use any products at the moment, besides my spot treatment that includes any chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Ever since I switched to an all organic skin regimen, my skin has become softer, and less flaky. The harsh chemicals that I put on my skin constantly, created permanent damage on my forehead, where the skin is the most sensitive. Unfortunately, from my all my years of ignorance I caused permanent damage. Hopefully, with this article, I can enlighten people as well as younger sufferers of acne. Going organic avoids the pain and damage that harsh chemicals can cause to the skin.

If you’re using the correct products, organic items work very well on skin types with all various kinds of issues. My skin has greatly benefited greatly from going organic. I no longer have severe cystic acne. I typically only have that around my period.  My scars have drastically reduced as a result from using sensitive products and cutting down on my dairy consumption.

I promise you as you transition to organic materials your skin will change and you will feel fresh and your skin will feel better than ever! I definitely recommend The banish Oil by Banish Acne Scars. But if I’m being honest, all of their products are natural and all do a great shop at smoothing, and calming down the skin.