Green Tea: A Bulletproof Treatment for Acne

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Green Tea: A Bulletproof Treatment for Acne

By Kali Kushner



Green tea has been around for centuries,treating everythingfromskin problemstodigestion issues.It's an extremely effective holisticcure for a complete rangeof problems; simply type "green tea for" into the google searchengineand it'll come up with results likeweight loss, babies, plants, kidneys,nausea, and of course, skin.

Green tea has been knownas a super antioxidant-packed-beauty essential for quite some time. Just poke for a minute and you'll find a long thread of comments where people rave about how drinking green tea has helped clear up their skintremendously, giving it an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars (yippie!).There's no special number of how many cups you need to consume each day, but most peoplesay anywhere from 3-6 cups will get youtheresults of clear skin you desire.

Green tea specifically helps in the treatment of acne through its anti-inflammatory properties, balancing blood sugar levels, and reducing hormonal acne.


Boasts Anti-Inflammatory Properties


As we are wellaware,acne is an inflammatory disease. Inflammation can be a greatthing when the body isfunctioning properly, it helps our systemrespond to physical injuries, fight infections, and keeps the immune system in check. But when it gets out ofcontrol it can turninto widespreadchronic systematic inflammation, leadingto acne,arthritis, cancer, diabetes,obesity, and more. Good news is... green tea is especially helpful when it comes tofighting chronic inflammation!

The stronganti-inflammatory effects green tea carries are associated with the powerful antioxidant EGCG, a polyphenol that hascontinuously showed promising results study after study. EGCG's antioxidant power is 100 times more potent that vitamins C and E, according toa study which focused on the anti-inflammatory effects of green tea witharthritis.

It goes without saying that people who experiencehigher levels of systematic inflammation, such as acne sufferers, get the most benefit out of green tea. According,

"15 out of 22 studies showed a positive antioxidant effect from green tea. Epidemiological studies also shower lower levels of DNA damage and inflammatory damage in heavy green tea drinkers (6+ cups per day)."

All the more reason to reach for thatsecond (or sixth) cup!





Manages Blood Sugar Levels


Keepingblood sugar and insulin levels consistent is vital for clear skin. Refined carbohydrates, or anything that spikes your blood sugar for that matter, will create a swift spike and drop inblood sugar,thus triggering aninflammatory response. That is why figuring out how to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels stableis vital in the fight for clear, glowing skin.

I havefirst-hand experience telling you that a low carbohydrate or low GI diet that controls insulin and blood sugar levels,really does work to keep breakouts at bay. Green tea goes into that same boat, working to balance insulin levels and effectively reduce blood sugar.

A study from Japan showed that 6 cups of green tea a day reduced the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by 33%. It is also believed that the more you drink, the more the risk is reduced. The study published the below findings,

"Women drinking 1-6 cupsper week reduced risk by 21%, 1-2 cups per day reduced the risk by 34%, 3-5 cups per day by 39% and 6 or more cups by 51%."

Though results vary, most studies show a positive effect on insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, which in turn is great for managing hormonal acne!


Actively Balances Hormones


Doy'all remember the ever sopopularIGF-1 hormone we discussed just a few articlesago?If not, don’t fret- just click the linkreally quick and read up!Basically, it's in dairy, linked to inflammation, andprevalent in larger amounts in those whosuffer with inflammatory or hormonal acne. It's one of the two main hormones, along with sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone specifically)that reallywreak havoc on your skin.

The good news is that green tea has been linked to balancing the IGF-1 and androgen hormones that arelinked to acne! Green tea worksto increase the number of molecules which bind to sex hormones, creating less available or "free" hormones. It is also known to decrease andregulate estrogen production. According,

"The blood estrogen levels were 13 percent lower in women who regularly drink green tea, when compared to irregular tea drinkers, according to a study in the May 2005 issue of the journal “Carcinogenesis"





Final Thoughts on Green Tea


Green tea works to clear skin bytackling several different angles; balancing hormones, managingblood sugar, andreducing inflammation. It seems to be an all in one super acne fighter, working from the inside out.As if you didn't already have enough reasons to drink green, here's a few more to convince you:

  • Manages weight
  • Fights cancer
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Lowers chlosterol
  • Helps with Tooth decay
  • And of course, helps with signs of aging and CLEAR skin!



Now, get to brewing!


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