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By Annie

Your skin is aging sooner than you think, and you shouldn't miss these signs of early aging! 

Being young does not mean you do not need to worry about wrinkles. Your skin is still quietly aging and sagging when you begin to turn 20 - as skin will gradually lose the ability to naturally produce collagen. Do not ignore the signs of premature aging in the skin, and take control to keep your skin youthful!


Dark circles, tiny redness

Not only does new acne leaves scars at this age, dark spots are also a result of damage caused by the sun. The skin cells damaged by UV light will float to the surface of skin, forming dark pigmentation spots. Sometimes you will confuse them with blisters and bruises and they can be difficult to detect until the damage starts showing down the line.

The best way to prevent developing hyperpigmentation or sunspots is to put sunscreen when you’re outside. In addition, vitamin A is essential to help skin be renewed and brightened. You can find vitamin A in fruits and vegetables such as red, orange, or cosmetics that contain retinol.


Besides hyperpigmentation, skin aging caused by sun will become darker. To remedy this situation, you exfoliate more often. you can exfoliate 2-3 times a week.  Thisi s also a time to use exfoliants that contain glycolic acid to 'peel' away uppermost layer of dead skin. Without products containing glycolic acid, you can take advantage of pineapple and papaya puree mixture to exfoliate very well too in a more gentle manner.

Swollen Eyes

Have you ever felt your eyelids slowly fall and look as if they "disappeared", leaving the eyes always sleepy looking? Droopy lids can be a result of sleep problems or natural aging, it also signals the appearance of “crow's-feet” and other wrinkles of the delicate eye skin. Since the eye is where you most rapidl age due to the thinness of the skin there and lack of oil glands,  please take care of it with cream or oil moisturizer when turning 20. In addition, you should also regularly reduce strain on the eyes by up tea bags over your eyes and relaxing.

Puffiness and dark circles


Observe the skin under the eyes, it will tell you the true age of your skin. If you have a moderate eye puffiness, less dark circles, no bumps and less vascular route, your skin still remains youthful. Conversely, puffiness and dark circle is a sign of a body is aging rapidly.


To overcome puffiness, dark circles, keep in mind two principles: cooling and moisturizing. You should massage under the eyes with ice cubes or aloe vera gel to help cooling the skin, dispel puffiness, then moisturize with lotion eye every night.


Dry skin 


Most people in the tropics have oily and combination skin. So, if you suddenly switch to dry skin it is the most obvious sign of aging skin. Dry skin loses water and moisture, leaving skin looking taut and wrinkles more easily.

At this point, all you need to do is to provide moisture from the inside out in two ways: topical cosmetics and diet. Use a larger amount of moisturizer, preferably one with anti-aging ingredients like vitamin c or vitamin a, drinking plenty of water, and eat food to strengthen the collagen and skin moisture levels as grapes, avocados, nuts, sea fish, fish oil