Top 5 Homemade Remedies for Acne Prone Skin

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

By: Kiya 

If you suffer from acne prone skin then you have probably spent a fair amount of money on expensive products that claim to give you a new face. Whilst there are a lot of products out there that really work, the cost of trying to achieve clear skin can sometimes be overwhelming. 

I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager and I have probably put anything you can think of on my face. From toothpaste to egg whites, I’ve tried it! In my experience there a few remedies that I have found really do produce good results. 

  • Honey

Honey has natural antibacterial properties so is great for calming down those pesky pimples. I tend to use it as a mask and leave for 10-15 minutes. It is also very moisturizing. You can also mix it with other ingredients such as lemon or avocado. 

  • Lemon

Lemon is also antibacterial so helps to kill off the bacteria that are causing you to breakout. It is also a natural bleaching agent so assists in fading red acne scars. I always see results using lemon in my skincare routine. I usually mix lemon with honey and use as a mask as I find putting in directly onto my skin can be too harsh and sting, as I have sensitive skin. 

  • Egg Whites

Whip up some egg whites and apply to your face with a brush and leave for around 5 minutes, or until dry. This is intense; you can literally feel your face getting tighter as it dries. Once I use have removed the egg whites my skin feels instantly tighter and I can see fewer lines and dark spots. 

  • Sugar

When it comes to eating sugar, it’s not the best for keeping your skin healthy. However, you can use it as a scrub to gently exfoliate. I tend to find a lot of face scrubs are too harsh for my skin, this is natural and gently removes dead skin cells without irritating my skin, and I love it! 

  • Coconut Oil

When I first read about the benefits coconut oil had on acne, I thought ‘but my skin is already oily, why would I add more?’ Coconut oil is a natural oil that dissolves the oil that builds up in your pores. It’s full of antibacterial agents and is super moisturizing. I tend to wash my face with it with my usual cleanser or use it as a mask for 10 – 15 minutes. It’s also great for conditioning your hair!