How To Build Confidence In Yourself

February 09, 2019 0 Comments

How To Build Confidence In Yourself

By Manpreet

There are many ways to interpret the meaning of  confidence and we will discuss how to build confidence in yourself. The one that caught me is that confidence is a feeling or a belief that one has about oneself or in another that is in firm trust of one’s ability or nature. Confidence has a huge impact on our effort to get involved and inspired by the world around us. Social interaction is basically about having confidence. Building confidence in yourself would also drop doubt and strengthen self-awareness.

There are many ways that manifest  low self-esteem due to lack of confidence.


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Comparing oneself to others is a lack of confidence. Even believing others’ perception of you is still lack of confidence. The strongest way to build confidence in yourself is to believe in who you are. Easier said than done, right?

When we focus to improve our weaknesses and strengthen our perceptions then we experience a flood of positive energy that drives us to positive self-expression which looks like so many things such as joining a competition, doing a presentation and following your interest. We are moving from self-awareness and  self-love.

Gaining self-confidence through these steps we begin to interact with the world in front of us instead of leaving with our negative self-chatter and reacting to what we meet throughout the day.



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To increase self-confidence, one would have to practice the power of focus. Focusing on  gratitude and affirmations to create a shift in the contradicting heavy emotions about ourselves. When we start to focus on the efforts we make, then naturally we begin to activate emotions within us recognizing the thoughts that bring us strength.

This practice helps to detect when a non-serving idea about oneself is being brought into awareness, and we observe it. Once we continue to be thankful for the smallest things that make our life easy, such as for some being physically active, being able to care for yourself. Eventually, the list grows, from having family and friends around us and having a job or having an education. So many things to be grateful for. Gratitude balances our  emotions and keeps us in check.


Affirmations are significant. “I am going to get through this.” “I have always overcome obstacles.”

Building positive  self-talk  with speaking the truth but confirming the strengths amidst the chaos, self-confidence becomes more real and tangible.

When we step into a strong sense of who we are and face our greatest critic (self), then finally when we encounter critics around us, it becomes easy to recognize when others’ experience and perception no longer meet our self-concept. This journey to self-healing  always continues but the important part is when we are on our own.

It is easier and even delightful to feel the peace and positivity that flow and regulate our mind and body.


Bring two thoughts into awareness that you would like to affirm today. Have an awesome day!