How to Deal With Acne

June 22, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Emily

Until my sophomore year in high school, I was able to keep my skin under control without too much effort.  I remember when I got my first cheek pimple, I told myself not to fret, that maybe this was just a one time occurrence, but folks, is that how life works? After that one painful, under- the-skin-pimple, my cheeks started to break out like nobody's business. I would get two of those painful zits almost everyday! I had to fix this, I wasn't about to let this spread. But that's exactly what it did. It got worse and little did I know, was going to leave nasty, red scars.

I would like to take you through my journey all the way up to my present day skin. I have most definitely struggled with acne during my lifetime. I don't know everything, but I gained some helpful knowledge about how to deal with acne.

At first, my acne wasn't too severe, just a few pimples on my forehead here and there. It was typical middle school hormones. I was not about to accept these little breakouts however. This called for a Pinterest search which resulted in some experimenting. You name it I tried it.

After trying the most ridiculous things you could imagine, I finally came across the lemon juice and egg white face mask. I tried it, thinking why not. It left my skin looking 10x clearer after one use. The lemon juice acts as a lightener while drying out your acne and the egg whites noticeably tighten your pores. I did this once a week and it was an absolute lifesaver! It left my skin clearer after just one mask. If you have mild acne and want to try this wonderful little trick, I highly recommend it!

I used this little trick along with a generic brand of acne face wash from the local drug store. This kept my pimples to a minimum until my severe acne started to make it's appearance and man, did it hurt! They were deep and under my skin, along with red and painful. I kept using my method, thinking all I needed was to do it more often. Wrong. Not only did it not help at all, my acne was getting more severe with time. I knew I needed to take action.  

An immense amount of research was done and I finally stumbled across an article about taking zinc to prevent acne. I asked myself how it could be that easy, but let me tell you, it is. Zinc is able to kill acne causing bacteria and reduces inflammatory response to bacteria. Scientific studies have proven that most acne sufferers are zinc deficient. As an added bonus, your skin won't develop an immunity to it unlike some prescribed antibiotics.

I had to try this method for myself. After 6 whole months of taking zinc once a day, my skin has never been clearer! Even after a week of taking it, I saw results. By all means, try this method for yourself. All it takes is a quick trip to the local drug store and you will notice your skin getting better with use.

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