How to Determine your Skin Type

January 21, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Mia

The skin of each person is different, so do not be surprised if other people use cosmetics that are effective to them but when you use it on your skin, it turned out even worse and might cause allergies. Rather than spend money and time on dozens of cosmetics, spend a few minutes to determine your skin type, helping you choose the correct skin care procedures.

  • Oily acne prone skin

Characteristics of this type of skin are porous, much oil, and acne prone. Therefore, you should note the following issues when choosing skincare:

  1. Choose mild cleanser as light as possible, the structure such as gel or water is best suited for oily skin.
  2. Use physical sunscreen to reduce irritation.
  3. Invest on a serum or general skin care products containing AHA / BHA. These two natural acids are good for oily skin, helps deep clean, remove dead skin and minimize the risk of pimples.
  • Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, you should limit the use of cosmetics as much as possible. You only need to comply with the three-step cleansing - moisturizer and sunscreen for health skin.

  1. With any skin care products, you should choose non-alcoholic (alcohol-free) and unscented (fragrance-free) to avoid the risk of skin irritation.
  2. Products should be as light as possible
  • Combination skin

Combination skin is the most difficult skin to take care of because your T-zone produces more oil and both dry and aging at the U-zone. Therefore, you should pay attention to both cleansing, moisturizing and oil reducing care for combination skin:

  1. Clean, oil absorbent, prevent acne skin: Wash the face with gel cleanser or water to dry skin. Use AHA/BHA serum daily to detox pores and prevent breakouts. As well as oil-step skin care, spend 1 or 2 days using the mud mask or white clay to absorb oils and tighten pores.
  2. Moisturizing and anti-aging: The dry spot will easily parch, from which wrinkles appear more quickly. Therefore, you should use lightweight moisturizer and serum containing retinol daily. It will help prevent dry skin and premature wrinkles. Note that apply retinol serum after AHA/BHA serum for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Dry to normal skin

The most important key are the two types of skin care: anti-aging and moisturizer. Because of the lack of natural oils, your skin is prone to dryness and wrinkles more quickly. Keep in mind the following four principles:

  1. Wash your face properly so not to dry out the skin: you need to find the soft creamy texture, moist smooth.
  2. Moisturize: In addition to the facial wash is moisturizing regularly, do not forget to care for under eyes with eye cream.
  3. Early aging: If you are over the age of 20, add products with retinol lotion into daily skin care process. It will help prevent premature aging that usually occurs on dry skin. 
    Note: only use retinol in the evening to avoid sun sensitivity.
Exfoliate gently: Switch to gel peel exfoliation (peeling). This type of exfoliation is smooth as cream, you just need to apply a thin layer, wait a few minutes and then wash away instead of rubbing and damaging the skin's surface.

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