How to Get Thick Hair Fast Naturally

August 01, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Obtaining strong, thick, long, and silky hair is a dream for all women. It is not impossible to obtain it though by continuous care. Always remember that hard work and perseverance are the 2 main things by which you can achieve anything in this world. Here I am sharing some tips on how to get thick hair fast naturally:

1. Daily Massage

Massage your hair daily at night for 5 minutes.This will stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles. It will stop hair fall and in effect stimulate hair growth.

2. Opt for Good Natural Oils

Use a good natural oil which suits your hair. You can use castor oil two hours before shampooing your hair. It will make your hair thick. You can also use mustard oil before going to bed. After warming it, massage the oil with your fingers to stimulate hair growth.You may try a combination of different oils like olive oil, coconut oil, Argan oil and jojoba oil too. Feel free to mix them and use accordingly or you may use almond oil and castor oil with coconut oil. The combination of these different oils gives better results than a single oil so I highly recommend this.

3. Hair Masks

Try different masks for hair at least once a week. You can opt for the egg with yogurt hair mask which is the best mask as I personally tried. It just gives good results because it reduces hair fall, stimulates hair growth and removes dandruff. You may also apply Aloe Vera and leave it overnight. This will also be good for your hair and scalp.

4. Shampoo Less

Shampoo your hair less frequently. Limit it to a maximum of twice a week only since daily shampoo usage is like exposing your scalp to harsh chemicals which can destroy your hair's natural environment.

5. Avoid Heat Treatments

Avoid heating your hair as it damages your hair follicles.If necessary, use an effective hair serum which can be available over the counter as it will protect your hair from heat damage.

6. Let Your Hair Breathe

Don't tie your hair tight or style it for a long period of time as it can damage your hair. Continuous stretching makes the strands weak from inside and this may even cause hair fall due to frequent hair damage.

7. Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Comb your hair only using a wide tooth comb as it reduces chances of damage and hair breakage. This is especially helpful when your hair is wet or damp and is in its most vulnerable state.

8. Take Multivitamins

Taking multivitamins can not only benefit your overall health but will also translate to healthier skin and shinier hair too. Vit E and fish oils are the most helpful components of a good multivitamin that will benefit your hair the most.

9. Eat Your Veggies

Take good food which should include fresh green vegetables like spinach, carrot, onions, and sweet potatoes as they are full of essential vitamins and minerals which can hasten your hair growth. Animal products like fish, chicken and red meat are also advised as these are rich in iron and proteins which will boost up your hair growth.

Try these simple tips on how to get thick hair fast naturally and you are guaranteed of a crowning glory.

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