How to Have Long Healthy, Natural Hair for African Americans

December 19, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Ashley

Hey! My name is Ashley and I am African American with bra strap length hair. This is how I got my hair to grow because it was never as long as it is now and what I did to maintain the length that I created. 

First off let me tell you a short story about my ongoing hair journey. My hair was always “long” but as soon as I went into 5th grade (I am in 11th grade now), my hair started to break off and the longest part of my hair reached around my chin. Growing up I always assumed that black girls just cannot grow their hair, and a black person who had long hair was just blessed or mixed. But that is so wrong! I was so wrong! 

In 7th grade I just randomly thought “can black girls grow long hair?” and decided to search it up on YouTube. The best decision I ever made. An abundance of black women like me with long healthy natural hair from their scalp just kept popping up on my feed. I was so amazed! 

Few of the black natural hair YouTubers I saw were: chime from Haircrush, naturalneiiecy, megz, and glamtwinz334. Even though there are so much more naturalist's with long beautiful hair on YouTube, these were the ones that helped me out the most. Especially glamtwinz334's well-known video which some of you may know or not, “the top 10 tips to grow out long healthy hair”. Honestly, after using their tips, my hair just kept growing better than ever. 

I started my healthy hair journey officially in November of my 8th-grade year and every year my hair reaches another limit. First is CBL (collarbone length), then APL (armpit length), then BSL (bra strap length) now I believe my hair is MBL (mid back length). The back and front of my hair are always the longest. 

The tips for long healthy hair is to create a regimen, find the products that work for you, which is a shampoo (sulfate-free), conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and an oil. Do protective styles on your hair (low-manipulation or daily, weave, braids, buns, twists) and to most importantly always take care of your ends. Oil them, trim off the damaged ends because your hair will grow back better and healthier. The edges - oil them! Oil them! Also, oil your scalp as well, healthy hair does not come out from an unhealthy, dandruff-filled scalp.

The best oils to use are: olive oil, grapeseed, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil and there are so much more, you will just have to research them. Satin pillowcases and bonnets only! Cotton just breaks the hair and dries it out.

Well that’s all for me! Let me know if you are planning on starting your healthy hair journey or if you just need a simple reminder on what to do with your hair.



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