How To Keep Curly Hair Healthy Naturally

August 24, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

All of my life I wanted perfectly straight hair. I hated my frizzy, curly hair so much that I would cry and beg my mom to chemically straighten it. Lucky, I’ve moved on from that time and now embrace my curly hair and even love its texture. Here I’ll give you my tips that I’ve learned through the years on how to keep curly hair healthy naturally.

1st Tip

The first tip I had is to find shampoo and conditioners that work for you. Shampoos with any ingredient that says “sulfate” may dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils. This is an ingredient that I choose to avoid. A brand I recommend that can be found at most stores is Shea Moisture. Conditioners with ingredients that have “cone” at the end will most likely build up in your hair and would require sulfates to wash out. For conditioners, I recommend Shea Moisture again. If you feel like DIY-ing you can even make conditioner of equal parts baking soda and coconut oil.

2nd Tip

The second tip for soft curls would be to eliminate things that cause static in your hair. Normal bath towels are usually too harsh on hair and can add to frizz. To avoid this, you can invest in a microfiber towel which is much more suited and gentle for curls. Another unsuspected culprit of frizz can be due to your pillowcase! At night when you toss and turn on your pillow, your hair rubs on the harsh cotton and causes frizz and even breakage. To fix this you can invest in satin pillow cases, get a satin sleeping cap for night use, or sleep with your hair in a scarf. All of these will reduce breakage and frizz from unwanted friction on your hair.

3rd Tip

My last tip is to add products that moisturize your curls to style them. Curls need moisture more than anything to combat frizz. Mousse products can leave curls crunchy and oily looking. I recommend using light oils like jojoba and argan oil which are similar to your hairs natural oils. I apply these when my hair is wet and focus the main part of it through the ends. Leave in conditioners, I also use Shea Moisture, also give your hair much needed moisture throughout the day. Be careful and only add a little bit of product to your hair because you don’t want too much and for your hair to be weighed down and oily.

Last Tip

The last tip I have is to find a way to embrace your hair. Whether that's learning how to style it or seeing other people's hair that is similar to yours and admiring theirs as well. Any type of hair is beautiful and not everyone should strive to have the same type of hair. As long as you know how to keep curly hair healthy naturally, you should be on track to your days of crowning glory.