How to Take Care of Bleached Hair

October 26, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Meghan

Skin isn’t the only thing you need to worry about sometimes. Your hair can become dry, boring and fragile very quickly when you decide to do the minimum to it. A routine for your hair can be a lot less complicated than what you do for your skin. Here are some great products for your hair worries.

Some basics for hair care are starting with shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t know already you want to make sure your shampooing products do NOT have sulfates in them. This ingredient is put into shampoo for the lather but only makes your hair dry by stripping all the oils it needs! That the first step, get some hair cleansing products good for your hair.

The hair you want start with the shampoo. Just like skin you have to notice what you want from your hair and just buy the product that will do that for you. Obviously not that easy, it will take trial and error as not everything will work for you. You also don’t need to get high-end shampoo either. Drugstore brands make great shampoo that works and is safe for your hair.

If you have bleached, dry or damaged hair like mine. You want protein and moisture! I like the Macadamia oil moisture masque for my hair. It really does make it so soft and helps define my curls. I also have used Aphogee in the past and that has brought my hair back to life. Its an at home protein conditioning product you can get at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Also next time you go to the hair salon ask for an Olaplex treatment to be done to your hair. This is a miracle worker. It takes your hair back ten years. I do believe you can buy it yourself but I would have a professional do the process.

Blonde hair also needs to be toned with purple shampoo! I can’t express that enough. I see too many girls dye their hair blonde and then forget about it. It turns so brassy. You can get purple shampoo anywhere!

A cheap but amazing deep conditioner is the 3-minute miracle from Aussie. This stuff is amazing for how cheap it is. It a must have when trying to save money but also your hair!

Also consider oils for your hair. There are a lot out there that do many things. I personally like to use argon oil on my hair.

Finally when you brush that wet hair please, please, please use a wide toothcomb! It detangles your hair without damaging it!

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