I Attribute my Acne to Fast Food

April 03, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Johanna

Throughout my four years of high school, I had “flawless” skin. I occasionally suffered a breakout here and there but did not sweat it because it was part of growing up. A lot of people had acne in high school. I was bullied growing up for things I had no control over, so that’s probably why I sympathized with people who had acne. Besides, acne would go away and the ugly ducks usually turned into swans right?

I did not wear makeup growing up. I washed my face with regular facial soap but never really had to stress about acne. I have pretty decent facial features, so without makeup, I thought I looked fine. In 2013, I started my adult life; I graduated the year before. I was ready to start the rest of my life. I was enrolled in college full time, studying child development and worked 3 jobs, (fast food, retail and after school program). I am not a dermatologist, but I self-diagnosed my skin myself over the years and all fingers point to working in fast food, Taco bell to be exact.

I am almost certain it was the grease because I was there a good 40-50 hours a week. Within a week of working there, my face started eating at itself, it jumped from one side to the other within 3 days. Mind you, I ate the food there as well. I am not going to deny my eating habits were terrible and I was not drinking enough water. I was 19 and all I wanted to do was party, drink and sleep in my makeup, but those were my habits for a very long time, why was it barely catching up to me?

I literally woke up one morning in a panic because the left side of my skin was covered in rash looking acne clusters. From one day to another it made friends with the right side of my face, and then soon my forehead joined the party. My acne looked terrible and gave me a lot of negative attention from family, friends, coworkers and everyone who walked in my general direction. My acne was huddled all over my face; red, painful bumps. Popping pimples was not an option for me because it hurts too much and I was terrified my skin would be horribly scarred after the fact, luckily for me I still had to deal with all that.

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