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By Mari

I have to say that you should believe me when I say that acne is definitely not something to be made fun of about other people. I see people with gorgeous skin in photos on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram and other social media platforms wherein I just can’t help myself into thinking that one of my goals in life is to just cure my suffering from acne. Not one day has passed ever since I got acne that I looked at my face and said that I have a beautiful complexion or that my skin looks radiant. I always look at the mirror constantly just judging my own face and how bad it came to be. I guess one of the things that hurts me the most is that I do not fully believe in compliments anymore ever since I have gotten my acne.


I heard my mom tell me about a dozen times how when she was my age, she had more acne than face. I laughed of course, but that would mean I just learned it might come from genes. At first, I felt at ease that my mom could relate to what I am feeling from suffering at an age like this with an acne condition so bad wherein hers was even worse. In all honesty, after some time, I just got even more depressed thinking about it through the years because her acne just went away when she was already around 30 and I want my acne to just stop at this age already. I truly am scared everyday. I get more scared about the certain huge possibility that the acne will just turn out to be like hers since I am made aware that runs in my genes and I will not have a way out to end it. I am scared that my acne will not ever leave me and that the scars will be sitting on my face forever. I am scared that living with acne is something I will not get away from and I just have to live with it. I am just really, really scared that one day I might just give up trying to help my face improve from my acne condition sooner or later.


I had days and nights crying about the acne I have on my face. I cried because I am trying so much products yet nothing has worked for me. I cried because I have gone to the dermatologist plenty of times but the results of what I used before like Benzoyl Peroxide works for just a month and then the pimples are back at it again with destroying my hopes for a cure. I cried because I thought that there is nothing in the world that can help me with my acne.

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