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By Mari

On a personal experience, when I was in High School I did not wear any make-up at all until it was around my third to fourth year when I started using the concealer and people actually noticed immediately that I was wearing one. It did not stop me into the thinking that maybe make-up was my only hope in order to at least try to help me feel good about the skin on my face. Unfortunately, make-up is just temporary and when I take it off, I step into my horrible reality that the condition my face does not look as good as it does with make-up covered all over it.


I cannot even wear my make up without feeling I look ugly. All those bumps in my face hinders me from thinking that I look good, the redness of my face never stops me from feeling I look like a burnt tomato with holes and bumps on her face and the scars just leaves me pondering on the time it will heal and eventually go away.


I do not want to rely on make-up. Make-up just hides and conceals the beauty I know I have. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask whenever I go out to see my friends and family. It makes me feel that I have a second face and that I am not contented with my own face. Well, I am more than contented with how I look because I am blessed to even have a face. The thing that makes me hide away the face I want to be proud of is the way I have handled taking care of my skin. I do not want to see people reacting badly about the condition of my face. It saddens me most of the time because I made myself have a condition I am not proud of. It never stops bothering me to wish that I could turn back time to stop myself from pricking and touching my face because this is what it turned out to be. I do not want to feel like my natural self is not good enough for my made up self covered in enhancing products that does not make me feel like that is who I am. I want to go out and show the world that I do care about my body, that I do care about my face and I will do whatever it takes just to help me and my skin because I love who I am.

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