Inner Confidence = Inner Peace

January 20, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Taylor

It can be so hard to have confidence when you have acne. I have struggled for years and years to feel beautiful in my own skin. Sometimes I would freak out just when I had one pimple. As I got older my acne got more severe and it really destroyed my confidence.

It can be wearing on a person when you do feel you measure up. Honestly, most people aren’t staring at your acne! I have missed out on so many great opportunities in my life just because of my acne. I have sat home feeling sorry for myself. I would skip out on parties, traveling, and even going to the store. At any means possible I was avoiding people. I hated what I saw in the mirror and that is the worst thing that can happen to someone.

One day I just realized I shouldn’t let my acne define me. I can’t let my acne control my life or how I feel about myself. Your acne doesn’t define your beauty. Stop letting it! I know how depressing it can be, but you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself any longer. Life is so short and you should enjoy the experiences. Stop worrying what people are thinking! If you love yourself for who you are I guarantee other people’s opinions won’t matter. 

There’s a point in my life that I realized I had to love myself before anyone else could love me. Let me say this again.You Have to Love Yourself Before Anyone Else Can Love You! Working on loving yourself can be the most rewarding thing you do. When you focus on becoming a better, more loving person, people will see that. Make a promise to love yourself for who you are and accept all you are. You were made the way for a reason. Maybe you are meant to help other people like yourself.

Whatever your calling may be, you have a purpose. You were made exactly the way you are for a very special reason. You have the power to lift other people up. So, focus on that inner beauty and helping others and your love for yourself will grow. Another thing that has helped me is writing out a list of affirmations to say to yourself. Read through your list at least once a day. Tell yourself things like “I am so gorgeous today” or “My Beauty Shines” tell yourself whatever you want! Make sure you speak uplifting words to yourself. If you every speak negatively, stop it immediately. Replace negative words with positive ones. 

It may sound cliché but beauty fades. I would rather have a beautiful heart that endures forever. Focus on loving yourself first and foremost and you will enjoy life so much more. By being open to love others will be drawn to your shining light. Trust me your kindness and confidence will be noticed NOT your acne. There is one last tip…SMILE. Your smile is the most beautiful accessory you can wear.