Is Water Really a Holy Grail for Beautiful Skin?

January 02, 2017 0 Comments

By: Hailey

Just drink water it’ll clear your skin, you’ll glow, you’ll be hydrated and feel refreshed, you’ll never have dry skin again if you drink your daily water intake… I’m sure you have heard one of these before if you get bad seasonal dry skin like me, or dry out from certain products that you use. 

Water may not clear your skin or give you drastic results especially if you have acne but it will benefit your skin and overall health. Our bodies are made up of mostly water; it carries so many nutrients and is essential for our lives. Water does more for than then you would think, no it won't clear your skin overnight and make you glow, but it will help, and it will help with more than just your acne and the hydration of your skin. 

Water, in general, helps with almost everything, it cleanses, makes us healthier, helps our body function better in the way it should. Do you know how much water you are supposed to be drinking a day? Because if you do then you know how hard it is to drink that much without feeling crazy bloated and having to go to the bathroom every ten minutes. 

I personally find it hard to drink that much water. The required amount of water intake is 8 glasses a day. I hardly drink 4 glasses let alone 8, this is definitely a challenge for me. I feel successful when I drink 6, that is my goal at least every day, the more, the better obviously but I find it very hard to drink that much. I am a big fan of tea though and will drink 4 or 5 cups a day, and I know that’s not pure water but there is some water in it so I like to add that in on top of my 6 cups of water. 

My favorite teas are green and chai because I love the taste of chai especially around the seasonal changes and in the fall. Green tea is another favorite of mine because I just feel refreshed and clean when I drink it. Overall, any fluids you intake are good for you as long as they aren’t sodas or high in sugar. It's good to keep your body hydrated, it’ll naturally make you feel better and overall healthier but of course, I am going to recommend water over any other drink. 

Your water doesn’t have to be plain you can have some fun with it - spice it up, experiment! You can make lemon water, lemon and cucumber, strawberry, raspberry and lemon, mint and cucumber, there are some many mixes and different concoctions that you can try out and test. It not only flavors your water, but it adds a spirit to your day, makes it more interesting and it's healthy because it's adding fruits and vegetables, it’s creating your own refreshers. 

My personal favorite is lemon and cucumber, they use it at a lot of spas. I just feel so refreshed and cleansed when I drink it. Staying hydrated and staying healthy doesn’t have to be plain and boring, you can have some fun with it and give your taste buds an extra splash. I love trying out new water combinations and finding new things I love. But more importantly than the taste, it is good for you. What a bonus! So drink up ... water that is!