Less is More

September 06, 2017 0 Comments

Less is More

Your skin is your largest organ. So, naturally, it is important to treat it well and let it breathe. When it comes to your beauty routine, specifically for your face, less is more! You may not realize it, but your fragranced cleanser, moisturizer, and daily face of makeup may be doing more harm than good. Your makeup may say that it doesn't clog pores, and your face wash may be natural, dermatologist recommended, and even organic, but there is more than you need to consider than these things alone for the best treatment of your skin.

Many of your face care products have a long list of preservatives to maintain its shelf- life, fragrances to make it more appealing to you and what you smell, dyes, and other unnecessary irritants. This is true for many companies, even if they come from a more natural business standpoint. Luckily, it is easy to let go of these products, follow the less is more mantra and treat your skin better as a result!

You may not realize that many beneficial and nutritious beauty products may be sitting in your kitchen as you read this, and if not, they are accessible with the internet and health food stores. To name a few, organic and high- quality coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and honey make excellent face products that can enhance, if not replace, your routine. Best of all, they are entirely free of those irritants and fragrances I was just talking about! One ingredient is always better than the 10+ you probably notice on the label of your skincare products.

Coconut Oil

To begin, coconut oil is an amazing eye makeup remover, if you are one to put on mascara almost daily like me. To convince you to try it further, coconut actually has the ability to make your eyelashes healthier. It can reduce any dead skin that you may have even if you don't realize it, strengthen them, as well as even help them to grow. So forget that bottle of eye makeup remover you have, and go natural! My sister even claims that the common kitchen ingredient helped her eyelashes grow. Why not try it? It can’t hurt.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Next on the list, Apple Cider Vinegar has been getting a lot of attention in the beauty world as of late. This is for good reason, as it is inexpensive and found easily. When diluted with water to cut its potency in half, ACV has many healing properties. It can be used as a toner and as a regular hair rinse to get rid of the sometimes tough to get rid of build- up of products you use. Mix one part ACV to two parts water for a simple toner to minimize your pores and provide anti- bacterial healing to your skin. For your hair, try rinsing your hair before or after you shampoo to make your scalp healthier and get rid of any dandruff due to ACV's anti- fungal properties. Don't worry, the smell will go away when your hair dries! My only recommendation with this ingredient is to opt for a high-quality brand, such as Bragg’s. You want one with the “mother”, or the slimy looking particles sitting on the bottom of your bottle to be included in your ACV.

Organic Honey

Finally, raw and creamy organic honey actually makes an amazing replacement face wash. Simply wash your face with a small amount of it and water, as you normally would, and simplify your skin care with one ingredient. It is gentle, anti- bacterial and anti- microbial, inexpensive, hydrating, and softening. Give it a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised! I know that personally, it helps with the redness of my acne.

When comes to your skin, less is more and going natural is the safest way to go.