Lifestyle Changes to Lower Your Chances of Getting More Acne

August 16, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Caleb


There isn’t one specific source that causes acne to form on your skin. Acne can be a result of many aspects of your life that may either be controllable or uncontrollable. This blog post will provide several changes that you can make in your life to lower your chances of developing more acne:

Be mindful of what touches your face/skin

One cause of acne is when the pores of your skin become blocked with bacteria. This acne-causing bacteria can be transferred onto your skin from external objects in your daily environment (i.e. pillow cases, your phone, your keyboard, etc.). To reduce the risk of introducing these bacteria to your face, make sure to regularly clean objects that may come in contact to your face (eye glasses, pillowcase, bed sheets, phone, etc.) or objects that you touch regularly with your hands (i.e. computer mouse, keyboard, etc.).

Drink plenty of water

We’ve all been told to drink a lot of water daily. It’s a very cliché tip, but it makes a huge difference to the condition of your skin. By drinking water, you are flushing many internal toxins from your body. By ensuring that you drink enough water every day, your face will become a lot more hydrated and healthier.


This is another common tip, but I still want to include it here because exercising at least once every day was one of the main lifestyle changes I made that improved my skin condition. You just have to be persistent! Personally, I like to exercise to the point where I start sweating from my face. However, even 20 minute short workouts can positively contribute towards the improvement of your acne condition if you do itconsistently.

Go for a change in hairstyle

If your current hairstyle has bangs of any sort or hair touching your face, you are increasing the risk of the oils on your hair to transfer onto your skin. This may increase your chances of developing acne on your face. There are two options: style your hair such that it doesn’t touch your face or change your hairstyle completely! If you aren’t willing to make this big of a change in your life, make sure to at least shampoo your hair regularly; especially before going to bed when you have applied hair product in the morning.

Making the changes in lifestyle that I mentioned above will not guarantee your acne to be completely gone. As I said before, there are other uncontrollable aspects of your life that may be causes of your acne (i.e. air pollution, changes in your hormonal levels, etc.). However, I can guarantee that you will notice a big improvement with regards to the reduction of your acne and your overall skin condition. Remember, be persistent!