Listen to Your Body: Acne Hormones and Tests

June 27, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Your body is extremely smart and is designed to heal and restore itself, but sometimes it needs aid from the outside or it needs something to stop coming from the outside. Suffering from acne I often ignored many of the signs that my body was sending to alert me that something was not right. Eating a paleo based diet I constantly had headaches and had very low energy. However, I did not acknowledge these signs that my body was giving me and I continued to eat the same and didn’t implement any changes in my daily routine. When you are experiencing things like headaches, stomach aches, irregularities in bowel movements, or little to no energy your body is trying to desperately tell you something. The tricky part is trying to figure out what it is your body is trying to tell you.

There are simple things that you can try implementing, such as drinking more water, getting more sleep each night, or eating more frequently throughout the day. If these things do not seem to be making a difference, it is easy to give up and just accept that your body is “just like that.” Don’t give up! Consult a health professional and inquire about blood tests, stools tests, acne hormones tests or even food intolerance tests that you can take to try to determine the deeper rooted problem. When you have acne, something is happening in your insides and what is showing up on your face, back, or chest is an outward reflection of that. Your body is trying to tell you that something is off, don’t ignore it.

Finding out what is wrong for many people is a long and trying journey. My journey is very much still in the midst, even after seven months. Taking blood tests and acne hormone tests can be trying and mentally exhausting. Getting your hopes up every time thatthis is the problem and now I only need to changethat and everything will be fixed. Then when you receive the negative results it is easy to feel lost and lose the energy to and the will to keep going. But when you find out what is happening on the inside your whole body will thank you. Don’t give up hope and don’t stop trying to improve your well-being. The tunnel may be long, but there is always a light at the end. Keep your head held high and a smile on your face.