Love the Skin You're In!

April 11, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Sarah

Even if your skin is not perfect, having confidence can help you to relieve stress and not worry about your acne. For me, acne was and still is a big part of my life. However, I overcame that and became more confident in my skin. Everyone has acne and scars so you should not have to be shy in your own skin. People are not talking about your acne! No one really cares, you just do you.

You should never touch your face. This will only draw attention to it and cause you to breakout even more. The bacteria on your fingertips become transferred onto your skin by directly touching your face. If you think about it, your hands have tons of germs on them because you use them to touch things. So if you touch your face, all of the germs from what you touched are relocated onto your skin. I know for some of you, touching your face is a bad habit, but you have to try to break that habit in order to clear up your skin. Even when you rub your eyes, it creates microscopic tears in the tissue that make you look older faster. Touching your face does not directly cause acne, but could definitely worsen it. If you are acne prone, face touching can trigger breakouts. Also touching your face gives people the thought that you are insecure with your face. Therefore, keep your hands down and be confident in your own skin!

Trust me, I know that acne is hard to deal with, but everyone goes through it! Acne can give you a negative view of yourself, if you stay positive while having acne, it will make the situation a thousand times better. If you stop being negative, you won’t care as much, which will reduce stress and actually help with your acne.

Your acne is not as noticeable as you think it is. When you see your skin, you know how it is supposed to look. Therefore, you pick out every little thing that is wrong with your skin. If we are being completely honest, people are not looking at your skin that closely.

Looking at your skin constantly will give you the time to depict everything that is wrong with your skin. This will lower your confidence because you will think that there are fifty different things wrong with your skin. I used to look at my skin closely for a good ten minutes and I was so much less confident when I was about to go out. So, the less time you spend in the mirror, the better!

I’ve had those days where I would not want to leave my house because of acne. Don’t let acne stop you from going out and having a good time! The absolute worst thing you can do is let your acne control you. Do not let your acne take over your life!!

Getting rid of acne is a long process, but good things take time. If you consistently take care of your skin, your acne will go away. You just have to consistently do the right things for your skin. Be patient!!

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