Makeup and Acne

February 12, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Gisselle

Many people make the assumption that if you have acne and you wear makeup that must be the cause. That isn’t always the case. Sure, makeup can cause breakouts but that doesn’t mean it should stop someone from wearing makeup. It’s all about finding the right products and the best ways to apply and remove it.

For someone who has acne, the products that they use will cater to many different needs to those of someone who does not have acne. Here are some examples of things you should look for in your make products if you are someone who has acne prone skin. 

  • Non-comedogenic 

Non-comedogenic products are specially formulated to not block pores. For someone with problematic skin, this can be very beneficial to reduce the number of breakouts. There are a variety of non-comedogenic skin primers, foundations, concealers, powders, etc. available on the market. 

  • Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is great for acne prone skin because of it non-acne genic and non-comedogenic. Many people with acne or acne prone skin tend to prefer mineral makeup. Even people who don’t have problematic skin tend to prefer mineral makeup. Mineral makeup overall tends to be better for the skin. 

  • Alcohol and Fragrance

It’s important to avoid alcohol and fragrance loaded products. These are known to cause irritation to the skin and acne. 

  • Acne Fighting Makeup

There are many products on the market that are actually specifically designed to fight acne. This includes primers, foundations, concealers, and many other products. Many of these products will contain salicylic acid which is used to fight acne. By choosing products that are designed to fight breakouts you are essentially helping to fight your acne while wearing makeup. 

  • Clean Makeup Tools

Probably one of the most important steps, when having acne prone skin and wearing makeup, is to make sure your makeup tools are washed and cleaned regularly. This includes brushes and beauty sponges. Makeup brushes and beauty sponges can harbor a lot of bacteria that can lead to more breakouts. By washing your makeup brushes at least once a week and cleaning your beauty sponges after every use will help to prevent future breakout 

            Having acne does not mean you shouldn’t wear makeup it’s just important to make sure you are using products that will help your skin instead of making it worst. There are many options now for people with problematic skin in makeup in today’s world. Don’t be afraid to find the products that are right for you.