Marilyn Monroe Beauty Products

August 03, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Yes, I am not sure why but one of my favorite people and obsessions is Marilyn Monroe.

To me, she was misunderstood in some ways but people still just love her being around because of her amazing personality, dreamy voice and lovely acting skills. She loved everyone and anyone, and yet she was just an effortless classic beauty with some sex appeal but truly a woman that left a mark on people.

So, I'm here to share five Marilyn Monroe beauty products that she used herself because we all noticed how beautiful her skin is but never knew the story behind it.

Chanel NO.5

She acclaimed herself that before she goes to bed she would put 5 drops of the mature but amazing scent on, she even would spike her bath with it!

Elizebeth Arden 

She had multiple products by the company. To keep her skin moisturized, she used the Eight-Hour Cream and also for her iconic cat eye she used the Show Stopper pencils in Brown and Black, and Eye Cream Shadows.  (also, Glorene of Hollywood False Lashes).

Erno Laszlo

She used two creams from the company to keep her skin looking great by skin renewal and fading any scars like the Active pHelityl Intensive Cream and Phormula 3-9 repair balm both great night time moisturizers.


Her makeup bag sold for $1 million dollars and two bottles of Revlon nail polish was in it. It was Cherries a la mode and Hot Coral. Both polishes are not sold anymore but they do still have a coral color which is the Revlon Enamel Coral nail polish.

Anita d'Foged

She said she wore the 'Day Dew' cream makeup and cover up but sadly no longer sold.

Well, there is always going to be more to the story, well products in this case. Even though we try to look our best on the outside, beauty is only skin deep so we have to take care of our insides. Marilyn will always be fabulous in our memory. A legacy will live on and hopefully one of the Marilyn Monroe beauty products above will help someone out.