My Acne Journey, it hasn't Ended, but I'm Still Hopeful

By: Helen

I was playing during recess one day when my friend touched my cheek and remarked how soft my skin was. I don’t know why, but at 8 years old I felt proud that my genes gave me fantastic skin. It made me so happy that I had good, soft skin.

Good skin…

Boy, I was wrong. At thirteen, acne entered my life and – nearly a decade later – I am still dealing with it. As I am writing this, I am still astonished at how long pimples have tormented me (and my wallet).

My acne was somewhat manageable in the beginning: I had a few stubborn pimples, but I knew it could be much worse. My big mistake was not taking my pimples seriously. I was lazy about using moisturizer or putting spot treatments on my pimples. Overall, I was pretty lazy about my entire skin care routine.

Then, one September, my acne got exponentially worse. I got cystic acne. Cystic acne. I feel embarrassed just writing about it, which is odd because the evidence was right there on my face for all to see. (And the scars still remain, so there’s no forgetting).

My cystic acne plagued me for five terrible long months. I hated looking in the mirror. I was having a tough year as it was, and the constant acne was not helping. My popping and scratching only made it all so much worse. After what felt like ages, my mother noticed how bad my acne had gotten and taken me to a dermatologist. It took about a month of prescription topical and oral treatment for my acne to get a LOT better.

In the years since those horrid months, I have had phases of being nearly acne-free to sudden, horrible breakouts. I transitioned from teenage acne to adult acne. I still have a tendency to touch my face although I know I shouldn’t. I now take wearing sun block every time I leave the house seriously. I experimented with acne facials. I went back to the dermatologist multiple times, receiving various prescriptions with some working more than others. Through these many years, I have gone through an endless number of face washes, lotions, spot treatments, and masks.

Finding what does work for me has been difficult, but, thankfully, my face has been clearing up again. Now I look at my acne scars and hope Banish will help fade them away.

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