How Acne Changed Me - My Acne Story

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My Acne Story - My Acne Started In The 3rd Grade

You know that insecurity you’ve always had? Well my biggest insecurity has always been my skin, specifically acne. Since the 3rd grade, when I got my first pimple, I’ve had terrible acne. I didn’t know why. I tried product… after product… after product. Salicylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide. Sulfur. Tea Tree Oil. Differin. Bunch of oral antibiotics that ended with ‘myacin”. Anything that had to do with acne, I tried it.

Dermatologists became my best friend. I had numerous appointments with them. And they’d all go through the same checklist and ask me the same questions: “Have you tried clinical strength Benzoyl Peroxide?” “You mean the one that bleaches my hair and bedsheets?” “What about differin gel?” “Oh, the one that makes my face so dry that It hurts to smile?” And my answers were the always the same.

My classmates would say to me:
“How about for prom you put a paper bag over your face?
And cut holes only for your eyes and mouth?”


My confidence plummeted. I had little social life so I immersed myself in school. Not only did I already look different from everyone else, being the only asian family growing up in the midwest, but now I felt even more isolated because of my acne. My dream was to help others find a solution for something I had longed to find myself.

Then college came, and my acne got worse. I developed cystic like acne that created very deep pustules that were very painful to touch. These cystic pimples would leave a scar when their tenure was over. And those scars stayed along the sides of my face and jaw that I couldn’t hide.

It was one of my hiding days when I found out a YouTube video from a girl who also shared her experience with acne.   – I was amazed there were people so brave to share their acne struggle and story! That inspired me, so one day, I turned on my webcam and decided to start fulfilling my dream of helping others.

Creating Banish

I finally managed to get my acne under control using organic ingredients from my own research and trial and error, but I was left with acne scars. I was going to get my skin lasered after saving up a LOT of money. Before that, I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who told me about microneedling and how it's better than the laser procedure that I planned on trying. 

I thought, well might as well try it.  I worked together with my chemist friend to make a vitamin c serum, and tried it out  without thinking much of it, but over 6 months people noticed the difference in my skin and wanted to buy what I was using. 

So I made a couple of kits for my subscribers to purchase from my blog. They emailed me their amazing results and the company grew from there. 


I’ve learned to eat right, cut out majority of meat and dairy products, get enough sleep, and exercise every day.

Along my acne journey, I realized having great skin is about 70% genetic, 20% internal factors, and then, 10% skincare.

When our skin is breaking out, it’s sending a signal to your body that something is off.  We can't really control or figure out half the time, but because of the crap we eat, the more stress we go through, and the chemicals we surround ourselves with; our skin yells for help. We don’t listen to it and we aggravate it more by consuming and using the harmful stuff.   

But having acne is normal, and is not our fault.  Acne can be short term, or long term. Acne can range and switch between being mild, moderate or severe.   Acne can be unpredictable.  And there is no one single cure for acne, having experienced it for at least a decade of my life. 

Acne Caused Me To Be A Perfectionist 

With acne, I tried so hard to make my skin perfect from a young age. I thought that if I was pretty enough, or if my skin was clear again, I'd finally fit in. I was looking for acceptance, in all the wrong ways.   This obsession consumed me and only gave me more anxiety, as I realized I wasn't being authentic with myself.

With time, I realized that beauty is just a bunch of fluff, and what really matters is when you have the confidence to be your authentic self.  That's what your foundation should be based on instead of relying on a outsiders opinion of your worth. 

daisy acne illustration

I've made it my mission to live true to myself, and show the not so perfect images to help others in a similar mind space feel that it is ok to be yourself.  Acne doesn't matter.

The most important thing I've learned is that it's not the way you look, it's the way you feel that matters 

We've grown a huge and supportive acne community since, and we hope that the larger our community grows, the most accepting people will be of themselves and of our skin.

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