My Banish Acne Scars Experience

March 21, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Claudia

It has been four days since my first encounter with the Banisher. When I first tried the product I did as it called for. I made sure to sterilize it in alcohol prior to the first use. I was only able to afford the Banisher for the time being, so I used an ice pack to help numb and expand the skin for the impact of the Banisher. At first, it when I used it, it felt a little prickly and sensitive on the skin. The more I kept rolling in motions the redder my face go. But the movements I made felt good; like a spa facial. 

Once I was done with the Banisher the best part was using that Vitamin C serum that it came with. It instantly felt soothing and smooth. I feel fast asleep after what felt so liberating. Once I woke up the next morning my skin felt so different. I couldn’t believe the HUGE difference I noticed immediately. My face didn’t have any redness around certain areas that it normally does.

It still felt as smooth as it did when I had fallen asleep. I followed my normal morning facial routine. Used my cleanser & moisturizer and went to work without makeup. I normally always use makeup at work, but I wanted to wait exactly 24 hours before using anything on my face for better results. When I walked in, immediacy I had co-workers compliment on my face. How fresh and clear it appeared; some of the women even asked why I wear make-up since without it I had this nice glow.

I was amazed at their response to the product, not only had I noticed a difference but so had everyone at work. Over the weekend I had a bachelorette party and was able to use make-up for the first time after using the Banisher. 

It was unbelievable how my face just transformed. I used my regular makeup routine with primer first, translucent powder, foundation, contouring, and eyes.  I was left speechless. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the scars from the acne, but with the Banisher, I can feel the smoothness of the face and with just the one treatment. I feel like when I normally use my makeup routine after using an acne product; the makeup doesn’t settle properly leaving it cakey looking.

After using the derma Banisher, the first time I can tell how smooth my face looked and felt. I am excited for the next treatment that follows.

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