My Hunt for the Best Natural Skin Care Regime

January 17, 2017 0 Comments

By: Harry Gil

After trying numerous chemically treated products on my skin, I finally opened my eyes and told myself to STOP! No more using chemicals on my skin because it is damaging to my skin cells. Yes, my acne will tame down a bit with the products but the chemicals will just make my skin look dull.

I began searching the web for natural remedies to treat acne. I first stumbled upon tea tree oil. I bought myself a bottle from The Body Shop and used the oil as a spot treatment for my acne. The oil worked great but I wanted to start doing more naturally remedies. I stormed the Internet again and came across a herbal Indian face mask. The ingredient was chickpea flour, turmeric, and milk. You mix these three ingredients together until it forms a paste and applies it to your face once a week.

The first time I gave this face mask a try, I saw my face flaring up in red pimples. I just thought this was just pulling impurities from my skin until the second time I used it. A rash developed on both sides of my cheeks and my forehead and I had to head to the emergency department.

After being seen by the doctor, he mentioned to me if I had eaten anything that I have not had before. I didn’t recall anything but I mentioned to him that I had tried this mask. He immediately did an allergy skin test and it came out positive; I am allergic to chickpeas. How lovely. Since that treatment was no use, I found another herbal remedy of using yogurt on my face as a daily cleanser. I did this for about four days but it was just not giving me any improvements with my skin.

Today, I know that you should test out a product for a few weeks to see any results and that you shouldn’t trash a product right away if it doesn’t give you any results in a few days, however back in the day I was naïve. I just wanted to get rid of my acne. I finally gave up on natural herbal remedies and called it quits for a few months. I let my skin be my skin even though it wasn’t the pretty sight.

I guess it was a good and bad idea. Good thing was that my skin got a break from products; the bad side to it was that the acne got worse. I went to the drug store again and came across a natural product called Burt’s Bees and it works well for my skin. My acne didn’t disappear but it reduced it a lot!