My New Year's Revolution for 2017

February 18, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Genevieve

I have never really been the person who sits down every December 31st and writes down my New Years resolutions. It always seemed aimless to me. Every year my friends would tell me, “I’m going on a diet this year and I’m NOT going to stop until I lose 10 pounds.” January 4th I get asked to go out for ice cream. The ridiculous goals that people set for themselves are more discouraging than motivating because they hardly ever are realistic.

Despite my skepticism of making New Year's resolutions, towards the end of 2016, I found myself reflecting on my life. I decided that despite my reservations on the notion, that I was going to make some changes in my life. I didn’t want to be basic and make just any New Years resolutions, however. So I decided to call my plan my New Years Revolution. This perfectly described my plan to make considerable changes to how I go about living my life.

My revolution is mostly focused on improving my mental health but also involve bettering my physical health as well. The main aspect of my life that I decided needed the most improvement is my level of happiness. All of my revolutions revolve around this main point. I wouldn’t describe myself as an extremely unhappy person, but I have noticed that over the past few years, stress, financial problems, sports injuries, and other parts of my life have caused me to be less happy than I used to be.

            Revolution #1:  Commit to a Regular Workout Routine

I know I know, this is so basic.  But as an athlete, I know the importance of keeping your body strong and healthy. Working out also releases endorphins which have been proven to improve your mood.  Exercise = Happiness

            Revolution#2: Sing More Often

I grew up singing in my schools’ choirs.  I was very fortunate to be able to learn and have fun with music for my entire childhood.  I stopped singing in college, though, because of the conflicts that arose with softball.  Singing makes me so happy so I will find a way to bring it back into my life.

            Revolution#3: Commit to My Sport

I have played softball since I was 12 years old and am currently playing in college. This sport has brought me some of the greatest friends and memories. In the past few years, my career has been riddled with injuries including tearing my ACL this past summer. I am currently five months out and am just being allowed to start running and playing a little bit which is amazing. I feel like I might have taken softball for granted before, but now that I have been taken away from it for so long, I can’t wait to recommit to the sport that I love.

Those are my revolutions for a happier life. They are all simple and things that I will enjoy doing. Here’s to the New Year and a happier me!

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