Tips to Make your Nail Polish Last Longer

December 23, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Harri

We have had those days where we have absolutely nailed some nail art (sorry for the pun) and just want it to last forever. Well, with some of these tips you can make them last longer so that you can bask in the glory of having amazing nails for more than a week.

Tip Number 1 – Make sure to clean your nails thoroughly with warm water to make sure all dirt from your nails is gone. Not cleaning your nails can results in chips in your nail polish because the dirt can make it so the nail polish can budge off your nail more easily.

Tip Number 2 – Every good nail polish has to start just like a house. With a good foundation. In this case, a base coat is a must when applying nail polish. It acts like a strong base for the nail polish to attach to meaning that the nail polish will come off less. This is because the natural oils on your actual nail will make it harder for the nail polish to stay on. I would say this is one of the most important steps to make your nail polish last longer. Base coats are usually quite cheap too!

Tip Number 3 – Now, this may seem odd but after seeing that many beauty gurus leave a gap between their nail polish and the bottom of their nail, I found out that it actually works! I noticed that the base of my nail polish did not chip away as easily making the nail polish more durable therefore it lasts longer.

Tip Number 4 – I know this may not be ‘’cost effective’ to some people but some people are too withheld when it comes to applying the actual nail polish. Basically, you should apply your nail polish generously but not to the extent that it’s overflowing on your actual nail. Too little will cause the nail polish to flake easy but too much will make it so the entire nail polish segment can peel off easily. Overall, just experiment with nail polish thickness on the nail to see what lasts the longest.

Tip Number 4 – This is where the gap left on your nail comes in handy. When it comes to doing the final top coat on top of your nail, make sure you go over the gap and onto your nail polish layer. This will basically create a more secure connection from your nail polish onto your natural nail. In addition, the topcoat provides protection from outside hazards which will minimize chip and peel damage.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful in helping your beautiful nails last longer!

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