Part 2: Digestive System and Acne

February 04, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

By: Vinni

Leaky Gut: This basically means that your gut wall is not as impermeable as it should be, and it allows toxins and other particles to enter the bloodstream, causing acne, food allergies, as well as autoimmune disease. There are many articles and books dedicated to healing leaky gut, but the piece of advice I have used, and which has always stuck with me, was to take gelatin. Eating gelatin can heal the walls of your intestine. If you’ve heard of miracle acne cures using just home-made bone broth, it’s because the broth contains gelatin in a highly digestible form, thus healing people’s leaky gut and leading to relief from acne and food allergies. 

There are different varieties of gelatin and you should read up on which kind to take depending on what your digestive system can handle. Bone broth contains the most easily digestible form. I used to take a teaspoon of gelatin powder and mix into water and then heat it up slightly so it would dissolve. This made for a hassle-free, if awful-tasting, way to eat gelatin.

Low Stomach Acid: This is a very underrated topic when it comes to the causes of acne. Low stomach acid can be easily fixed, and if this is your cause, you will see immediate relief from your skin troubles. You can tell if you have low stomach acid if you have undigested food in your stool, bloating and flatulence, and acid reflux. Taking apple cider vinegar or HCl supplements are simple and sure-shot ways of increasing your stomach acid and improving your digestion. This might be what changes your skin permanently for the better; try it!

Gut dysbiosis: If you’re on antibiotics for too long, or have taken too many courses, the antibiotics may have killed off too many of your gut bacteria. You need these little fellas for digesting your food! If you have an imbalanced gut flora it can lead to a variety of health issues, including acne. Low stomach acid can also cause bad bacteria to take over the good ones and might be a cause for dysbiosis. Probiotics are supplements that have beneficial bacteria that you can ingest. Some people who take probiotics break out, but for some, it is the cure for their acne. I think taking probiotics is something you should dono matter what because it will lead to overall better digestion andbetter immunity. Many people don’t realize that the gut flora plays a huge role in the control of the immune system, and acne is, in fact, an immune system disorder. Your skin is not supposed to react and swell and get inflamed due to bacteria on your face. Especially in severe cases, healing your gut flora can reduce the severity of your inflammatory response and give relief from painful, deep lesions.

Constipation:Get rid of constipation if you have it. Try and get your bowel movements to a minimum of once daily. Taking magnesium, eating fiber, hot water in the morning, and taking probiotics are all great ways of becoming regular. Your waste matter cannot keep sitting in your intestine, otherwise, hormones and other stuff that was going to be excreted can be reabsorbed. Clean up your colon!

If you feel like your digestion could use some improvement, use all this information to fix it, and maybe fix your acne from the root, thus preventing it!