Peripera Fashion People’s Carrier Set Review

September 06, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Peripera Fashion People’s Carrier Set Review

Peripera is a Korean road shop brand meaning it is affordable. Here is my Peripera Fashion People's Carrier Set review.

Peripera recently came out with a set for traveling which comes with five miniature makeup products, in the set, there are 3 lip tints, one concealer, and one multi use cream. The multi-use cream is only available in the set, it hasn’t been released yet. The packaging is very cute and it comes with puffy stickers, the little wheels do roll and the handle lifts up. It is lightweight and it kind of feels cheap but it doesn’t feel like it would break so easily, there are 2 colours available for the packaging, yellow (New York) or pink (Seoul) but they both come with the same products. This retails online from 20 to 25 dollars which aren't too bad considering how many products you get.

The three lip tints that come in the set are all different formulas; two come from the Ink line, one is from the Ink the velvet range and the other is from the Ink the Airy velvet line and lastly is the Vivid Water Tint which isn’t part of the Ink range.

In the set, we have Ink the Airy Velvet in the shade number five which is described as a “my lips but better” color. Personally on my skin tone, it does not look like my lips but better, instead, it looks like a bright Barbie purple based pink. It doesn’t suit my skin colour at all. I really like the formula, it’s nice and airy but I would advise using a lip balm underneath as this can be very drying. It has a velvet look to it once it's set but it’s just the color that I’m not a big fan of, maybe if it was a different shade than I would’ve loved it.

Next is the Ink the Velvet and this one is my second favourite. I already own two colours from this line and I love it because I find that I don’t need a lip balm underneath it and it is nice and pigmented. The color this set feature is in the shade number two “So in Love” which is a velvet version of a color in the Ink original line. This is a gorgeous grapefruit shade which suits my skin tone perfectly and it isn’t too light, unlike the airy velvet. It has a faint smell of candy and it has the texture of a cream, it smooths over the lips making it look plump and the colour isn’t streaky.

The last lip tint in this set is from the Vivid Tint Water line. It is in the shade number two “Apple Squeeze.” In the past I have had bad experiences with this specific line of lip products from Peripera because I bought a shade in number two “Peach Squeeze” and it was so pigmented that as soon as it hit the lips, it already stained leaving an ugly dot of pink on my lips. It didn’t let me have any time to work with it but this colour is way different than that. This is sheerer which I love because it gives me time to play around with it and you can build it up from being sheer and natural to a bright and pigmented lip colour. It has a delicious apple scent and it tastes sweet if you lick your lips by accident, it doesn’t taste bitter, unlike some water tints.

There is one concealer included and it’s in the shade number 1 and it is so light it looks like the shade of paper on me. The formula is nice and creamy but it has a medium to full coverage. Since this is way too light for my skin colour, I use this to cut my crease when I do my eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base if I’m doing a dramatic eye look. Unfortunately, they only have two shades so you have to be very pale in order to use the concealers.

The last product in this set is a multi-use cream which comes under their Ink line. This specific shade is suggested to use for contour or eyeshadow but this is simply just too light for me. It has a very strong grey undertone which looks really ashy on me, even on my eyelids when I use it for eyeshadow so I don’t know how to use this. I do like the formula though, it blends out nicely but I just have a problem with the colour.

In conclusion, this set is nice for people with much lighter skin tones than me but if you like Peripera and collecting their products then go for this. I hope you have a good idea about this set after reading this Peripera Fashion People’s carrier set review.