Peripera Lip Tint Review

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Peripera is a Korean Road shop brand and they are very popular and well known in Korea for their ultra-long lasting formula of lip tints. If you didn’t know what lip tints are, they are lip products that have staining properties to them so for example if you have a lip color that has faded off, you would still have the stain left behind. They are also a good more natural, quick and easy substitute to lipstick. There are many formulas out there ranging from watery, gel mousse and cream consistencies. They are a good everyday lip product which you can just chuck on and head out the door. The pigmentation also varies, they can be really pigmented, it would look like you’re wearing lipstick, or they can be very sheer for a natural look for every day. Here goes my Peripera lip tint review:

Ink Airy Velvet

These are a new line of lip tints that they have released just recently, it is supposed to feel like air on the lips and give off and soft cloudy velvet looking pout. The texture is very airy and mousy and lightweight, they have very bright colors in this line ranging from bright pinks to reds and corals but recently they have released some more new shades and they are in the nude family of colors which is a big step. Korean brands usually only have bright colors of lip tints and they never create nude colors so this was a pleasant surprise they released this line with these new shades. It isn’t very moisturizing so you would have to put on a lip balm underneath. This sort of defeats the purpose of the matte, velvet look since lip balms give off a shiny finish but none the less the colors are absolutely gorgeous. These have a nice light to medium pigmentation which is nice for every day. I really like these lip tints but I just wish this was a bit more moisturizing so I wouldn’t have to wear a lip balm underneath to prevent my lips from drying out.

Ink Original

This line of lip tints was the first to be released in the Ink line. These are really pigmented and they stain a lot. They have a wide range of colors but it doesn’t feature nude colors, like normal they feature reds, oranges, pinks, and corals. These are very long wearing and they last all day due to their staining properties. Some don’t like it because of how long wearing it is and how hard this product is to take off but to some, this is a pro. The formula of this product is gel like but not quite. It’s not sheer like other tints with gel formulas, instead of this really pigmented. It has a nice faint candy smell to it and when you lick your lips, it tastes sweet, it doesn’t taste bitter or chemically.  It is nice and moisturizing but personally, I always put lip balm over it so my lips won’t get too dry anytime soon.

Ink the Velvet

This was their first release of their velvet line, these are like the airy velvets but they are way more pigmented and moisturizing. I find that I don’t need to put a lip balm underneath and that I don’t need to go over it unlike the airy velvets because they are so pigmented. These have more of a creamy texture and they go over your lips nice and evenly. These smooth over the lines and dry patches on your lips making them look smooth and plump. These stain like the Ink original but you do have some time to play with them and blend them out before they really set. These are my favorite out of the Ink line because they are moisturizing, pigmented and matte.

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