Right Treatment For The Right Acne

May 16, 2017 0 Comments

For each different type of acne on the face, you can use appropriate ingredients to heal acne faster and easier.

Concept of "acne map"

We all have had pimples on the face, whether big or small and sometimes are in a conspicuous location such as the forehead or jaw corner. However, the types of acne are not all the same. Acne that grows in different locations are related to a specific problem in the organ, so we also need different treatments for each type. 

Use appropriate treatment for each acne position

There are a few acne types that grow on sensitive skin, which would require to only use soft materials. Meanwhile, those that grow on the oily skin would need "fancy" ingredients that can kill bacteria and strong oil-absorbing ingredients.

Please refer to the following map to help acne treatment becomes more effective!

Forehead acne (1,2):

Acne usually rises in the top of the forehead, near the hairline or forehead. This is where the oil is often much more from that cause acne. For effective treatment, apply egg white on the acne or the whole of the forehead for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. It will help reduce oil and acne dried quickly!

Acne on the lower forehead, close to the eyebrows (3,4,5):

This is so close to the eye is particularly sensitive, easily irritated if you use too strong acne medication. Recipes for you is to put honey on skin and acne overnight. It will effectively treat acne without drying or skin damage.

Acne on the cheek (9,10):

Cheek region, especially the cheeks tend to dry than others. Combine with aloe vera gel lotion when acne is here. It helps in skin healing and fading of acne marks.

Jawline acne:

When acne grows here, lemonade is good to detoxify the skin, absorb oil and eliminate bacteria which resides deep in the skin. Make lemon juice diluted with water in a 2:1, leave it on the acne for 20 minutes to dry and rinse with cool water.

Acne on the chin:

When acne grows in the chin area and the T-zone region, that's where the oil is most concentrated. Acne at the chin tends to have redness and swollen appearance, so make use of baking soda to have the fastest way of reducing the acne, and kill bacteria in it effectively. Dilute baking soda with water and lemon juice, then leave it on the acne for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Simply follow these proven tips and you are well on your way to an acne-free or blemish-free skin!