My Makeup Revolution

January 08, 2017

By: Angel

Back when I was a kid, I had dreams to be able to wear makeup like my mom. I wanted to be able to wear pretty lipsticks and eyeshadows; I wanted to beautify myself.

Even though my mom was a Mary Kay beauty consultant and she was selling people makeup daily or giving us samples to play with - wasn't officially allowed to wear makeup until I was older.

Unlike today's kids' first makeup palates and highlighters, I had a chunky ice silver eyeliner pencil and some loose glitter. Cute? Of course!! Not.

I eventually graduated to black eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and cheeks and although I kept it pretty basic, my makeup would cause envy because I was taught how to apply it correctly. I will never forget the day I came into my own and broke out of my awkward kid phase into young womanhood. I was 15 and in high school, I decided that I wanted to stand out. Most of the girls had been best friends for forever, they wore the same things, had the same hair, nails, you name it. However, me, well I was from out of town so I didn't have those long term connections. 

So anyway- I made the decision to dress up for school. No, I'm not talking about formal or business casual, I'm talking about clothes that weren't awkwardly fitting my body and I wore makeup that was carefully applied. My walk through the lunch room was like a slow motion scene in a good Ole Makeover RomCom.

It was perfect. I still remember exactly what I wore too, this Express sleeveless blouse that was fitted and blush pink, and this floral and daisy skirt, also pink with nude cork wedges. So fetch right? (okay, sorry I know I tried to make fetch happen...totally failed) I was the Belle of the 2006 freshman class. It was then on that I decided I was gonna be different.

OKAY, enough of memory lane, back to my point.

As a young makeup wearer, I had to make sure I was hip to the trends. But we had no way to do that digitally so I turned to magazines. I scoured Teen Vogue, Seventeen mag, INSTYLE, Vogue, you name it, I read it, they had some of the best makeup looks ever. I couldn't afford a single stitch of that makeup but hey it was so fun looking and doing research!

For a VERY LONG TIME, I had to settle for being a basic makeup wearer. What does that mean? Well, it means that me spending a bunch of money on makeup is raiding the cheap bin at a nearby CVS for a nice generic brand of makeup. Definitely not how it is today, today these kids have it made.

My favorite price products include:

  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse
  • MAC Scarlet blush
  • Cover Girl Black eyeliner
  • Maybelline Mascara
  • Clear lip gloss - any brand as long as it wasn't too thin or too thick
  • Cover Girl eyeshadow or two

This would run me for about 20 bucks if that. It honestly depended on where I purchased the makeup. So basic right?

Well, I didn't think anything of it.  I was still accomplishing a great look but it was nothing compared to the world of makeup that I am in now.

One day I went into to Ulta to upgrade my makeup collection (which I would like to add that by now, I have upgraded immensely) I stepped into that store for the first time and I was overwhelmed. I called my older sister because she is always in there and I asked her, where do I begin? What do I buy in here ... they have sooo much pretty stuff I want it all. She stopped me, and said, "Angel, you are not ready for Ulta. You are still on basic status, please leave now and go to Target and start with ELF." She was so right, I wasn't ready!

I left Ulta and went to target and LOADED up on ELF everything: brushes, face wipes, concealer, more brushes, eye stuff, primers, more brushes and it cost me like 25 bucks. I felt good.

I upgraded my makeup routine by using concealer. It was huge for me as I have never used it before and so I was excited. After months of using my basic items...I decided to upgrade to a beauty blender. Well, then that meant I was ready to contour, which meant I was ready to bake! I needed Ulta.

I went to Ulta and was basically a pro now, thanks to YouTube and Instagram. I knew what to get where to start and I was ready. I got a Real Techniques Beauty Blender, NYX contouring kit, NYX plum lipliner, and some Cover Girl products - joined the points club and I was set! My next biggest purchase was at MAC. I bought my very first lipstick and liner in Heroine matte. It was perfection! I felt like a big girl.

My makeup collection has grown thanks to my sisters and mom and my purchases, it's so much fun. Am I still pretty basic? Yes. Because I have not fully learned how to whip my brows into Anastacia Brow level but I am getting there!

It's fun to learn how to elevate your makeup skills, but always good to be able to fall back to the basics.

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