Skin Benefits from Drinking Herbal Tea

December 25, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Diana

I’ve always used cooled green tea bags on my eyes to remove puffiness and help with under eye dark circles. As part of my New Year routine, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea and have found that the Raspberry Leaf Herbal Teas from Birt & Tang Teas, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants have really helped me to feel more relaxed and have contributed to my skin clearing up. 

Antioxidants are really good for your skin and having two to three cups of tea a day not only help with stress but also help you take care of your skin. The teas are tart enough that I don’t add sugar or honey since the teas are strong enough and don’t require any added sweetener. I have found that drinking tea has contributed to my clear skin since up until I drank tea my skin was not as smooth or even, but the antioxidants found in the teas have really proved that the skin really benefits from these nutrients. 

The best part is that after you’ve enjoyed a warm or chilled cup of tea you can store the tea bags in a Ziploc plastic bag and place them in the refrigerator and later use them on your eyes or skin at night. My skin tone appears more even and after applying the tea bags on my skin for a while my pores become smaller. The teas give you a lot of energy and also help keep you hydrated throughout the day. 

These herbal teas have shown to be beneficial in my daily life and diet as they reduce stomach bloating and contribute to healthy skin. Although the tea does not say that it helps with acne or skin, the fact that it contains nutrients and antioxidants proves that it contains food for your skin. Through personal use and experience, I can say that these teas have improved my skin’s look and feel. Not only does my face feel great but the rest of my body has also seen its benefits. 

I’ve noticed that my skin heals faster than before and any popped pimples heal faster than they did before. Teas are known to help remove bad toxins from the body and it is clear that this herbal tea does not fail to do that. Overall, I will continue to drink Birt & Tang’s herbal teas, especially those that are made with nutrients and antioxidants.