Taking Control From Acne and Acne Scarring

May 29, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Taylor H.

When dealing with acne and acne scarring, it can be really easy to feel like a helpless victim. One day acne simply appeared on your body and decided to stick around for weeks, months, and maybe even years without any warning at all. If your story is anything like mine, despite your tireless efforts, finding an answer can at times seem unattainable.   

I know from experience that acne and acne scarring is a daily struggle, but I have also learned over the years that taking control of your health and even your mental well-being is the best thing you can do to start seeing improvement. Getting out of the victim mindset and going on the offensive not only puts you in the driver seat but will also set you free from all the negativities to come with it.

Truthfully, battling with acne and acne scarring is more of a mental game than a physical struggle. Yes, there are blemishes on your face. Yes, society tells you that it is not desirable. And yes, you would probably feel better if your skin was just clear already. But if your reality is that you have acne and you have yet to find a solution, it could be time to really focus controlling your thoughts.   

I am not saying to give up on trying to find an answer. I am saying begin to shift your focus to other things in your life that you can control. Letting your acne consume you and your actions will not move you forward. In fact, it can be detrimental and keep you from reaching your full potential as a human being. Here are some tips to help you shift your thinking.

Focus on health.

Diet and exercise can work wonders for the way you feel and look. Start loving your body and the way you look by taking control of what you are feeding yourself. The saying you are what you eat is completely true. When you put clean foods into your body, you will see those foods play out when it comes to energy and yes, even your skin.

Encourage Yourself.

Tell yourself that you are worthy. It might help to pick a saying, quote, or even a mantra and write it on your mirror in your bedroom or bathroom. That way, every time you look at yourself you are reminded that you are enough and that your acne or acne scars do not define you. Whenever it comes to mind, repeat encouraging words or phrases throughout the day. Words are powerful, and you will find that your mood will follow what you are telling yourself.   

These are just simple yet practical tips that you can follow but will definitely yield positive results in your ongoing skin journey.

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