Tampons or Pads?

June 30, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Emily


If you've never heard about TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome, I'm here to tell you what you need to know. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a medical condition caused by a bacterial infection that can sometimes be linked to tampons. This infection occurs when bacteria enters through a cut, or a sore or any type of open wound. Specialists are not sure why this syndrome is linked to tampons, but us girls know that keeping it in for too long is never good. Even if we aren't concerned about the health reasons, letting it stay in there for a long time can be uncomfortable. It is possible that tampon fibers can scratch the vagina walls which creates an open wound for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. This medical condition is rare and it's very unlikely that you will get it if you continue to use tampons, as long as you're using them as directed.

If you are using tampons, use them properly. Don't keep them in longer than directed and don't use one if you're not on your period. If you're doing it right you're good to go! So really, neither tampons nor pads are healthier as long as you use both as you're supposed to.

Both tampons and pads have their advantages and disadvantages. You plan a beach day with the girls, guess what makes an appearance? And it's right on time to ruin the fun. Sike! Tampons were invented. Tampons are able to give you the freedom to wear whatever and do whatever while on your period. However, it's a little tough to know when it's time to change a tampon because that visual reminder is not there. Time likes to get away from us and it's easier for us to forget that we have a tampon in since they are so comfortable! You can't even tell you have a tampon in! For a girl who likes comfort, a tampon is the product for you.

Pads are able to give you a visual reminder of when it's time to give it a change. Leaving either product on for too long is never good so you want to make sure you're changing it often enough. Unlike a tampon, your pad is right there in front of you as a good reminder. It's right there in line of sight and you sure do know you're wearing one! Pads can be totally uncomfortable. Depending on the size of pad needed, they can start to feel like you're wearing a diaper. Just when we thought we were over those, we get to say hello again every month.

So decide for yourself what comfort level is needed for your happiness and pick which product is right for your lifestyle! If you are someone where comfort is a top priority in your life as well as being active, go for the tampon! If you tend to be a forgetful person, a pad is right there to remind you it needs a change.