5 beauty products you don't need

April 01, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

5 beauty products you don't need

by Kali Kushner



We all have our owninsecurities. Some of us want clearer skin, a smaller nose, thinner waist, or even a more definedchin. These are some of the strangest (and scariest) looking beauty tools out on themarket today.



face slimmer


This mask not only makes you look like a horrifying character from a scary movie, but it helps to slim your jawline as well. It claims to eliminate your double chin, prevent sagging, and lift your chin instantly.



face muscle tightener


Similar to the face slimmer, the muscletightener works to slim your face, cheeks, and chin. The stretcher piece is recommended to use three minutes per day by wrapping the ends around your ears and placing the mouthpiece between your lips. While the mouthpiece is in, it is recommended you repeat the vowels AEIOU over and overagain tostrengthen your facial muscles. It also claims to help eye wrinkles, but Idon't know about all that.


lip plumping device


Remember before Kylie Jenner admitted to lip injections and claimed to use a shot glass to plump her lips? Well, that’s basically why these silicone lipplumpers became trendy and since then they haven't really died down. Regardless of where you look onInstagram your bound to come across at least one lip plumping device while scrolling on the explore page.These can be extremely dangerous, with reports of usersbruising the lips and area around the lips,saggining and drooping lips with continued use, and even bleeding.



nose slimmer/bridge straightener



This gadget claims to slim your nose and straighten your bridge at the same time. To me, it looks like a nose plug gone wrong but to each their own.Unfortunately, this toolwon't cause any permanent refinement and could cause long term breathing issues in the future.



face electrocuter




This mask sends tiny pulsations or electrocutions to your face, claiming toexercise your face muscles and somehow make you look younger. It has adjustable levels of pulsation to "tone the face" and "reduce the appearance of wrinkles". All I can think of when it comes to this device is someone in a horror flick taking electroshock therapy in pain, so I thinkI'mgoing to pass on this one.


you´re beautiful!



Remember,you're an individual. You were created the way you are for a reason and you are beautiful. You don't need any of these funnygadgets to change your facial features, you're perfect being exactly who you are!


*All images are sourced from Amazon.com*


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