The Benefits of Using Aloe Vera

August 27, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Caleb

aloe vera

One of my favourite things to do for my face is to treat it with natural and organic remedies. One of these natural remedies includes a plant known as aloe vera. This plant contains a gel that is packed with many benefits for your skin. This clear and cool gel has many properties that allow it to be an effective treatment for many skin conditions as well as treating burns and skin infections. In this blog post, I want to share how aloe vera can benefit your skin by providing some DIY remedy treatments.

Firstly, aloe vera does a very good job in moisturizing your skin. If you have skin that tends to get oily quickly, then I recommend using aloe vera; it is very hydrating for the skin but does not leave your skin greasy. Investing in gel moisturizers, in which aloe vera is an ingredient, is a good alternative as well. Furthermore, aloe vera is amazing for treating sunburns. Aloe vera has many healing properties that, when applied to sunburned skin, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Moreover, it has been found that aloe vera contain wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties that speed up the process of new cell growth. This allows the skin to heal rapidly, as well as minimizes the possibility of scarring. Finally, applying aloe vera to your skin can reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face by improving the elasticity of the skin, moisturizing it, and removing dead skin cells.

So, here are some aloe vera DIY treatments that you can do to reward your face!

  • The simplest use of aloe vera is just to extract the gel from the leaf and apply it to the area affected by acne, sunburn, aging spots, etc. As you apply the gel, you will be able to feel the cooling effect that aloe vera has on your skin!
  • One of my favourite DIY face masks is prepared by blending aloe vera and cucumber. Cucumber is another ingredient with many properties that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Once you have blended these two ingredients together, you will form a green liquid, which you should apply on your face and wait 20 minutes. After rinsing your face with water, your face should contain more moisture and be smoother in texture.
  • Aloe vera can be used to treat dark circles and puffiness as well. Store your aloe vera in the refrigerator so that the gel remains cool. To treat puffiness under the eyes, cut thin slices of the aloe vera gel and place them under your eyes.
  • Combining aloe vera and honey and applying it to your face will allow the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects of aloe vera and honey to work wonders!