The Best Face Masks

August 29, 2017 0 Comments

Finding the perfect face mask is hard right? It may be too drying or it could’ve further aggravated your breakouts. I personally love face masks and trying them out, seeing the amazing results they give me.  But sometimes I get disappointed by some because they just don’t work. They can also be very expensive depending what brands you purchase. The prices can range from under ten dollars to over 100 dollars or even more. I’m here to share and recommend some of the best face masks I’ve tried so you can be spared of the disappointments and the hassles.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

This is currently my favorite face mask at the moment because I see a difference just after 2 uses. Most of the time you need to use a mask for at least a couple weeks or months in order to see the difference. With this one, I saw an immediate effect on my skin. After washing it off my face feels so smooth, it feels like a baby’s bottom. This is because as you’re washing it off; there will be exfoliating particles in it. These aren’t sharp and painful, unlike others where you wouldn’t even want to wash it off, instead this one is gentle but it makes a huge difference. You can feel the difference and see the difference. Innisfree is a Korean brand and it comes under the “Road shop brands” which to them is drugstore meaning this is affordable and it won’t break the bank. This has volcanic ash from Jeju Island in the mask which helps draw out impurities and reduce pore size.

Shills Purifying Black Peel Off Mask

This is by far the best peel off mask I have tried. One con is that this is very painful to take off but it really pulls out every blackhead. Even from places, you didn’t know you had any. It has a nice fresh smell but it is a bit strong so if you are sensitive to smells then I don’t know how you will react to this product but it is nice and easy to apply to the face. The texture isn’t too much of a liquid that it will run down and off your face but it’s not too thick that it’s hard to apply, it has the perfect texture. After using this, my face feels so smooth and soft, the redness just takes a couple minutes for it to subside and after my complexion looks much more even and less dull and my pores are reduced in size by a little bit. It’s not expensive; you can get it on Amazon for under than 10 dollars.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

This is an expensive option but if you do have the budget then I really do recommend this. You can buy this at Sephora for about 39 dollars. It makes my skin feel nice and clean after using this product; I usually use this once a week or I use it twice if I have been wearing a lot of makeup and my skin feels congested. The fun part about this mask is that you can physically see the oil being pulled out of your skin; these are the dots that show up after a while of putting it on. The color of the mask is a very pretty pink and it has a smell which I can’t really describe in detail, all I can say is that it is tolerable but it isn’t too overpowering and strong. All in all, this is a great mask but I think there are better, cheaper and more affordable ones available on the market to use as a substitute if you don’t want to bite the bullet and spend 40 dollars on one mask.

Wish you have picked up a few ideas on some of the best face masks around. Makes sure to choose what works best for your skin.