The “Feel Better” Beauty Edit – A Facialist’s Advice

May 17, 2017

By: Fariha

Ah, the ever-changing skin care routine. Mine, of course, is no exception. Recently, my skin and I (and when I say skin, I mean the skin on my face) have been getting to know one another again. A change in my skincare was much needed after starting bi-weekly facials, so stepping it up a notch was really important. My facial lady has been getting to work on my face with her magic hands and a range of lotions, potions, and treatments and I don't think my skin has ever looked so juicy and peachy. If you ever want to treat yourself, I highly suggest checking out Wave Salon and Spa. My facialist's name is Lica, and she's given me a few words of wisdom and product suggestions. Here's what I've learned from her in the past few weeks.

1. Don't use that pre-moistened makeup removing wipes.

Whoa, what? How am I supposed to remove all my makeup then? Just a cleanser cannot effectively remove all of your makeup so I had a baffled look on my face when she said this. Lica chuckled and reached into her cabinet, revealing a little black towel. I was confused as to how a towel could remove my makeup properly. She told me the alcohol content in pre-moistened makeup removing wipes was really bad for my face, as it not only dries my skin out but it can also irritate it. This special towel was the answer to my problems. It's called The Makeup Eraser. She told me that after soaking a part of this bad boy in warm water and rinsing it out, you work the makeup removing side on your face in circular motions and your makeup will come right off. She demonstrated on her own face and my goodness, the makeup came off so easily and quickly. There's also a gentle exfoliating side to use right after. I immediately bought one and have been hooked on it since. No more piles of makeup removing wipes in my cabinets and dry skin!

On a side note, however, I personally don't like to use it on my eyes as I think it's a little harsh for it. Instead, I use some olive oil and a facial tissue to remove my eye makeup. Remember to always be delicate around your eye area!

2. Use a cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin.

This is hard, especially for people who are extremely oily. Cleansers made for oily skin tend to be mattifying and strip all of the natural oils on your face. It's important to know that oily skin is actually dehydrated skin. Your face is producing and pumping out excess oil because it's looking to recompensate all the lost natural oils because of your cleanser. So not only is it important to hydrate yourself on the inside, but also on the outside. Make sure to find a cleanser that gives you a fine balance of mattifying your skin but doesn't dry you out completely. Lica opted for the Purity Made Simple cleanser for me. This cleanser combines two steps into one, by both cleansing and toning the skin at the same time. I love how hydrating and gentle it is on my skin. The Starter Cleanser from Banish is another alternative if you need a non drying cleanser.

3. Treat yo'self twice a week girl.

I'm giving a nod to skincare brands that aren't all over YouTube and beauty blogs. The Volcanic Ash Mask by IX Spa Bar is a staple to any beauty routine. Volcanic ash based masks are great detoxifiers that replenish the skin. Microscopic volcanic ash clay particles penetrate the skin's pores with a powerful absorbency, lessening the appearance of all problem areas. I personally suffer from hyper-pigmentation (or post-acne marks) on my face and this has helped incredibly in lightening them up.

4. Make sure to incorporate tea tree oil into your skincare routine.

Tea tree oil is a notorious treatment oil for acne because of its antibacterial properties. However, as great as tea tree oil is, I have always found it extremely potent and harsh on the skin when used alone. My skin would literally tingle and burn when it had tea tree oil applied directly to it, so I asked Lica how I can incorporate something so harsh into my daily facial routine. She recommends for me to mix it into my moisturizer to reduce the harshness of the oil and to only use it at night. Using it only at night will really allow the oil to soak into my skin. Fab.

5. Take Your Time.

After finishing my facial, Lica asked if I tend to rush my skincare routine at night. With flashbacks of all those times that I’ve hurried through my routine because I want to get in an extra episode of Grey's Anatomy before bed (because I NEEDED to know what happened next) going through my head, I admitted that I did. So, lately I've begun to really take my time and be a bit more gentle with my face and I still managed to get in another episode of Grey's Anatomy in. Booya.

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