The Reason Behind Beauty Products

June 28, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Emily

Do you ever apply a beauty product without knowing the real reason behind it, you just know it makes you look good? Find out why the beauty products you're using were really invented and if you are skipping the most crucial parts of a good makeup routine.

  1. We all know that lip liner is used to define your lips but did you know that it keeps your lipstick from bleeding all over the rest of your face as well? The liner will act as a barrier for your lipstick so when it wants to run all over the place, it is kept exactly where you want it. Not only does it keep your lip color in place, it prolongs the wear time. Not only can you line your lips, you can use it as a base!
  2.   Eyebrows are a big deal. No one leaves the house without filling in those bare spots and making sure they look like perfection. But did you know that eyebrows are more important than just being full? Eyebrows are the definer of our faces. A good, arching brow is what draws attention to our eyes and helps define our face. So not only are you giving shape to your brows, you are giving shape to your entire face!
  3. Everyone can easily fall in love with a smoky eye. But do you know why you put that certain shadow in that specific place? Applying that dark color to your crease is able to give a depth to your eyes that makes them pop. That shimmery white on your eyeshadow palette? Place it on the outer corners to immediately brighten up the eyes as well as below the eyebrows to draw attention to our eyebrow shape. Many people skip applying shadow underneath the eyes as well. Brushing it onto your lower lid gives your eyes that soft, loveable look that nothing else can.
  4. Blush gives you a healthy color, right? It does exactly that but did you know if you apply it correctly, it also adds definition to your cheekbones and will give your face a whole new shape? By using the two finger rule and working your way up towards your temples, you are able achieve those gorgeous cheekbones and color that everyone is dying for. While applying, hold your index and middle finger to the side of your nose. Then brush your desired shade from your fingers to your temples and viola! To die for cheekbones!

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